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  • 3OH!3 Releases Christmas Song “KISSLETOE”

  • This month, American electro-pop duo 3OH!3 made a comeback with “LONELY MACHINES” for the first time in four years.
    Following the song, the duo dropped a new Christmas song “KISSLETOE” with an accompanying claymation video on November 27th.
    3OH!3 shared on social media, “We wrote a holiday song called 'Kissletoe' that will be out on all streaming platforms.”
    The duo re-signed to Photo Finish Records and prepares to release their upcoming sixth studio album, which is expected to be released in 2020 or early 2021.
    The duo recorded the new album during the COVID-19 pandemic. The duo told Alt Press about recording process and the album.
    Nathaniel Motte said, “I think we work a lot more efficiently now, at least on my side of things. I remember recording WANT in 2008, and we would go 16 hours straight, easily, every day. And it was a lot of work. We did that record in four or five weeks. I just think you learn to hone your craft a little bit as a songwriter, as a producer, especially after doing it for a long time. And I think six hours in the studio can represent what 16 did when we were first starting. Once we started getting together, it was about definitely refining things, retracting vocals, hashing out the ideas that we had but then also just having fun. Like, that's how it all started for us just when we were in college. We were two dudes just fucking around, having fun in our basement, making music and spinning records and making beats. And that was very much the vibe on this thing, again, because we were back in my basement.”
  • Sean Foreman said, “It's just exciting to put new music out. I can't really anticipate. I feel like even putting the teasers out there, seeing our fans, they're so supportive and excited. People are like, “Oh, you're going to save our 2020?” I'm like, “Oh, that's a heavy burden to try to save your 2020.” But, you know, that's what the beauty is of putting out music in these times especially. But the new music's fun. It's very 3OH!3 in the sense that it hasn't been done by us. I think that when you hear it, it fits into something that you'd hear on WANT. It would be like the WANT lost track, but it's like a modernized version of what we do with that.”
  • source : Alt Press
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