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  • Tiny Deaths Releases New EP “If I'm Dreaming”: Streaming

  • Los Angeles-based dreamy pop singer-songwriter Tiny Deaths released her new EP “If I'm Dreaming” on November 13th.
    It is her first music since her 2018 album “Magic”. The EP comprises of 5-track including preceding singles “The Jump” and “Stay”, as well as written by Claire de Lune and Grant Cutler.
    The EP features a transparent synth-pop sound which is a sequel to the previous album.
    “I do think there's more internal exploration than my previous projects have had,” Claire de Lune (Tiny Deaths' real name) told American Songwriter. “I'm often using songs to explore the outside world or my relationships with other people and on several songs on this record like on 'If I'm Dreaming' and 'Extra Life.' I'm really looking inward and trying to get to know myself and tackling mental health stuff which I haven't really explored in song before.”
  • “If there's any overarching theme to the EP, I think it's sort of getting to that point in life where I'm at, which is my early 30s, where you're ready to let go of all the toxic energy that's holding you back from being at peace,” she said. “Whether that's unfulfilling relationships where you aren't being treated the way you deserve, mental health struggles, or whatever… I think in your 20s, you're sort of still figuring out what your demons are and how to confront them. In your 30s, it's more of the exercise of being able to let those things go, to let go of what no longer serves you.”
  • source : American Songwriter
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