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  • Alex Porat Releases New EP “Bad At Breakups”: Streaming

  • Toronto-based alt-pop singer-songwriter Alex Porat released her sophomore EP “Bad At Breakups” on October 21, 2020.
    The EP contains 4-track and was released just nine month since debut EP “Alexandra Porat”.
    On the same day of releasing the EP, she dropped a new music video for “forgot to forgive” directed by Iris Kim.
    Iris Kim said of the video, “The approach to 'forgot to forgive' was so different than any of our other shoots. It was our first overnight since it needed to be filmed in a dark area which actually worked to our advantage (although we felt a bit loopy in the end). Alex was such a trooper, literally down to do anything. I asked her to cry at a certain part, which she did, but it didn't turn out because of the positioning of her body in relation to camera. Her and Kate (the clown) complemented each other so well, too. There were parts where Kate would go into character and everyone behind camera was shuddering because of how bizarre she looked.”
    Also, she performed the songs from the EP as livestream performance on her YouTube on October 24th.
    Alex Porat explained track by track for the EP below.
    • LYkOIP6YZBk

    “forgot to forgive”
    “'forgot to forgive' is a song about my struggle in forgiving and holding grudges. I'm a sensitive person, so it takes a lot for me to move past something. I love introspective songs because those are the songs I find myself relating to the most. I love how the video reflects an experience of sleep paralysis in connection with being haunted by people from the past. It mirrors the story the song tells and really brings to life the nightmare that a bad memory leaves you with.”

    “never say ily again”
    “It felt like the right thing to pair this sad feeling with a fun upbeat song. I usually use humour to cope with pain and sadness so it felt very real the way the track is the opposite of what I'm trying to say. I'm a dramatic person at times especially when it feels like the end of the world so this song is a great reminder that any negative feelings that I've felt in the past are temporary and they do go away. What's life without a couple ups and downs, you know?”

    “happy for you”
    The theme of this song is a situation that I find comes up often. When you go through a break-up, everything that person does online is now in your face and you want them to think you're okay with them moving on when you're not. For this track we wanted it to be super introspective and feel kind of dream-like since you're not actually saying these lyrics out loud.”

    “only hanging out cause i'm lonely”
    “Dating can be weird and confusing. Our dependency on technology isolates us and makes us crave companionship, sometimes for the wrong reasons. 'Only Hanging Out Cause I'm Lonely' was written about that struggle. Shoutout to all the guys I dated for way too long for the sake of dating. This one's for you.”
  • source : Idolator
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