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  • LEXXE Announces Debut EP “Meet Me In The Shadows”, Releases New Song “Joyride”

  • New York-based singer-songwriter Alexis Lucena, aka LEXXE announced her debut EP “Meet Me In The Shadows” will be released this year.
    From the EP, she dropped the first single off called “Joyride” with an accompanying music video on August 28th.
    Alexis Lucena said of the song, “'Joyride' was the song that sparked this new era for me musically. It combines a lot of dark textures with dance and rock, which are pretty much the main ingredients to me as an artist. It was also the first song I got to work on production wise from the ground up and really understand myself, and what I like to hear- so it makes sense that it was the catalyst for this "new era". I write a lot of my music with visual intentions, so I already knew the video would entail some type of chase, cut throughout a dance sequence and that actually informed the bridge musically. ”
    The video was directed by Alexa San Román. “The video initially had another *storyline* but was scrapped due to the quarantine, and honestly having to rework that idea opened up something much more creative for my team and I. The song and the video tell this story of a "maneater," this other-worldy ancient powerful female presence that takes what she wants. It's pretty much a fact that women who know what they want and ask for it get labeled as loud or aggressive in society, especially the entertainment industry, so for me the character I made in Joyride had basically been pushed to the edge in that respect. I have a lot of patience and compassion, but villains do not, that's how they're made.”
  • She continued, “We wanted to emulate found footage, I'm a huge horror fan so it was really fun to dive into that. I was actually heavily inspired by Serleena from Men In Black- she's this crazy insect alien in a beautiful body and I loved it as a kid- there's a little Patrick Bateman in there too.My visual team is a sister duo, Alexa San Román and Sam San Román- it's been the most empowering experience creating these incredible visuals with a team of bad-ass women (not to mention it was choreographed by a woman too, shout out to Christine Flores!)”
  • source : Billboard
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