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  • flyckt Releases Debut Song “Spotlight”

  • Former Swedish alt-pop band Urban Cone and singer-songwriter Rasmus Flyckt has released his debut solo single “Spotlight” as flyckt. The accompanying music video was directed by Bingo Rimér.
    He began to work on his solo project in 2018. Rasmus Flyckt said, “It’s different in every way. It’s a lot scarier cause it’s a lot more transparent. I miss writing and performing songs together with my best friends, but on the other hand I can now do it just the way I want it. The music itself is much more personal as well – I put a lot more work into the lyrics this time round. It has to be genuine, and I have to be obsessed with my own songs - at least for a while.”
    The song will appear on his upcoming debut EP “Instant Gratification pt. 1”, which is set to be released on August 28, 2020.
    “Spotlight was one of the first songs I wrote after I got out of a toxic relationship with my then-girlfriend,” he said of the song. “I remember thinking to myself why I let this go so far. Everyone is in the Spotlight in their lives, and maybe that can be counterproductive in some sense. Like, it’s harder to take action cause you’re afraid that everyone is gonna judge you. I believe this song was a message to myself saying that it’s gonna be fine. If you want change, you have to take action.”
  • He added, “It’s raw, just like life itself. Listening to Instant Gratification pt. 1 is like opening a window to my life. You may not like what you see, but at least it’s an open window. I’m not sure if love is a shortcut to happiness or self-fulfilling. I’m still trying to figure out what stimulates me, and right now it’s progress in music. Making people feel something.”
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