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  • KTJ & CARLY Shares New Song “Almost True”

  • Los Angeles-based alt-pop sisters duo KTJ & CARLY, consisting of Katie Haynes and Carly Haynes, released a new song “Almost True” on February 19th, following 2019's single “Moonlight” and “On Your Mind”.
    The track features middle tempo EDM and pop sound. It was written and produced by Jaidan Millar and KTJ & CARLY.
    “About a month before we wrote this song, we couldn’t help but notice how many strangers were walking through the airport on our way home after the holidays, and each had their own story," Carly Haynes told Outloud Culture about the song in an interview. “It was a really busy day– people were panicked, relaxed, tired, stressed, and some just going about their normal lives. We realized everyone is going through different things in their life, and it’s kind of sobering to think you never know what is on someone’s mind or in their heart. Out of the 7.7 billion people in this world, the average person will probably meet around 80-100 thousand people in their lifetime. Imagine how many people we haven’t met and how many people’s stories we never hear, or how many strangers we see in our daily life and never know what they are going through. That is the thing, we won’t ever know. Then, when we finally do meet someone out of the average 80,000 people in our life that we will meet, we are taught to hide back our emotions and who we are as people so our life seems sublime. Even if you have never met them. This idea is what started us writing the song “Almost True”.
    The duo plans to release more singles and their debut EP by the end of the year.
  • source : Outloud Culture
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