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  • Tame Impala Releases New Album “The Slow Rush”: Streaming

  • Australian psychedelic music project Tame Impala released Kevin Parker's fourth studio album “The Slow Rush” on February 14th. It is his first LP in five years.
    Originally, the album was supposed to be released in summer 2019. The album was preceded by two singles “Patience” and “Borderline”, which were first performed on Saturday Night Live back in March 2019.
    Tame Impala told Zane Lowe of Apple Beats 1 radio show about the album in an interview, “I’ll do anything that gets me inspired, anything that kind of gives me, that puts me in… Causes those lightning bolts. Even with this album, I was doing things that made me uncomfortable just for the purpose of being creative because I’m the most creative when I’m uncomfortable… I hate being stoned in public, so I’ll like get stoned and go to the shops. I wrote a couple of… The start of one of the songs was from that.”
    The album comprises of 12-track and Kevin Parker explained each song below.
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    “One More Year”
    “I just realized we were standing right here exactly one year ago, doing the exact same thing. We’re blissfully trapped. Our life is crazy but where is it going? We won’t be young forever but we sure do live like it. Our book needs more chapters. Our time here is short, let’s make it count. I have a plan.”

    “Instant Destiny”
    “In love and feeling fearless. Let’s be reckless with our futures. The only thing special about the past is that it got us to where we are now. Free from feeling sentimental…we don’t owe our possessions anything. Let’s do something that can’t be undone just ’cause we can. The future is our oyster.”

    “Standing at the edge of a strange new world. Any further and I won’t know the way back. The only way to see it is to be in it. I long to be immersed. Unaware and uncontrolled.”

    “Posthumous Forgiveness”
    “Wrestling with demons of the past. Something from a long time ago doesn’t add up. I was lied to! Maybe there’s a good explanation but I’ll never get to hear it, so it’s up to me to imagine what it might sound like…”

    “Breathe Deeper”
    “First time. I need to be guided. Everything feels new. Like a single-cell organism granted one day as a human. We’re all together. Why isn’t it always like this?”

    “Tomorrow’s Dust”
    “Our regrets tomorrow are our actions now. Future memories are present-day current events. Tomorrow’s dust is in today’s air, floating around us as we speak.”

    “On Track”
    “A song for the eternal optimist. The pain of holding on to your dreams. Anyone would say it’s impossible from this point. True it will take a miracle, but miracles happen all the time. I’m veering all over the road and occasionally spinning out of control, but strictly speaking I’m still on track.”

    “Lost in Yesterday”
    “Nostalgia is a drug, to which some are addicted.”

    “Is It True”
    “Young love is uncertain. Let’s not talk about the future. We don’t know what it holds. I hope it’s forever but how do I know? When all is said and done, all you can say is ‘we’ll see.’”

    “It Might Be Time”
    “A message from your negative thoughts: ‘Give up now… It’s over.’ The seeds of doubt are hard to un-sow. Randomly appearing throughout the day, trying to derail everything that usually feels natural…used to feel natural. You finally found your place, they can’t take this away from you now.”

    “A glimmer of hope. A twinkle. Fleeting, but unmistakable. Promising.”

    “One More Hour”
    “The time has come. Nothing left to prepare. Nothing left to worry about. Nothing left to do but sit and observe the stillness of everything as time races faster than ever. Even shadows cast by the sun appear to move. My future comes to me in flashes, but it no longer scares me. As long as I remember what I value the most.”
  • source : Apple Music
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