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  • Hunter Hayes Releases New Album “Wild Blue, Part I”: Streaming

  • American country music singer-songwriter Hunter Hayes released his fourth studio album “Wild Blue, Part I” on August 16th via Warner Music Nashville.
    It is his first LP in four years since “The 21 Project”. The comprises of 10-track including the previously released singles "Heartbreak", "Dear God", "One Shot" and "Wild Blue".
    He is a country musician, but this record forces on rock sound. Also his guitar plays are excellent, who is comparable to John Mayer and other rock guitarist.
    He recorded the album in the basement of his house. “We just started moving up pieces of the basement studio, because after finishing it, I realized that I’ve spent my whole life putting my studio room in another room, compartmentalizing. Everybody talked me out of having my studio in my living space. I was like, “You don’t understand my relationship with music,” he told
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    The album is the first part of a three-part ‘trilogy’ of albums. He said, “We’ve started part seven, but in my head, I’m giving myself outs as far as like, if the theme, for me, life-wise, changes. I don’t want to chase a concept that I painted three years ago. But I will say, I’ve provided myself with a theme that can morph as I go, which is exactly what I wanted. And exactly where I’ve always wanted to be and everything can change at a moment’s notice now. And this kind of proves that. And it all does still tie together no matter what we’re talking about. Because the theme of Wild Blue is growth, moving on. Constant change is the theme."
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