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  • Kate Nash Releases New Album “9 Sad Symphonies”

  • British singer-songwriter Kate Nash released her fifth studio album “9 Sad Symphonies” on June 21, 2024 via Kill Rock Stars.

    This marks her first album in six years since the 2018 album “Yesterday Was Forever”.
    Also, it is the first release under her new label Kill Rock Stars.
    The album comprises a 10-track, produced by Frederik Thaae, Linda Buratto and Sam Duckworth.
    Kate Nash and Frederik Thaae have previously worked together on her “musical ONLY GOLD”.

    Kate Nash said of the album, “We were in this completely different landscape for writing songs [on the musical], which was completely freeing. I was writing for a story, I was writing about a King and a Queen and a proper story arc. In that world you need the audience to understand the songs immediately, it's very direct, and it has lots of editing which I'd never done. It changed my outlook on songwriting. Also, we said at the beginning that we wanted to make something beautiful, nothing harsh. I've done a lot of harsh stuff before. We wanted loads of beautiful string arrangements.”

    She added, “I've climbed through the sewers of this industry and so my goal is to make good music I believe in, to have longevity, and have good live shows. I don't feel competitive with the industry anymore. I've been in the game for twenty years, and I'm in my own league now.”
  • Kate Nash shared on social media, “This marks a new era for me, once again I am a signed artist releasing music on an actual label & not just any label, only the most iconic label on planet earth Kill Rock Stars! I really never knew if this day would happen again. I wasn't sure I wanted it to. I feel so lucky to finally have an incredible team behind me for what feels like the first time ever in my career.”

    She continued, “We wanted to make something beautiful and cinematic & frederik's string arrangements really took us there. This album is about love & depression, it's also about getting to a place where you can look back on things & say actually, fuck you! But also, ouch! It's about hawks in Griffith park, about falling in love on magical first dates & it's about crying in a car park in Home Depot whilst eating supermarket sushi & questioning life itself. I lost my connection to my purpose & music helped me find it. As it always does.”

  • Kate Nash explained about some tracks for the album.

    “Millions of Heartbeats”
    “'Millions of Heartbeats' is a song about losing your spark. It can be difficult to find hope in a world that's constantly bombarding you with bad news, chaos and capitalism.
    It's scary when you lose that spark and can't lift yourself out of a pit. It can feel like that light you once had might never come back. The button to the song is that there's millions of heartbeats on this planet and that's the reason we have to try. All we have right now is earth and each other. And that's actually a lot. So just keep trying.
    It's about that point in the pandemic where I had lost my spark for life. And I'm a pretty sparky person, so it was really sad to me.”

    “The song was the first I wrote in the pandemic. It's lacklustre, it's barely lifting the pencil, it's being lonely, about missing those lost and curling up in that heavy blanket and the comfort of well practiced sadness. This was the first song that inspired the new record and I really just wanted to not try and lean into whatever I was feeling and thinking, be as honest as possible and I found so much beauty and comfort in that.”

    “My Bile”
    “My Bile” is about being at your wits' end and having nothing left to give to society's expectation of you, and I guess reassessing past behaviours and current priorities. You know you're on empty when you're spewing up bile.
    I've realised I need more reserves for myself. I'm at a point in my life where I want to say 'no' to things and 'no' to people. And I'm in my mid-30s, so if I don't do that I end up with an injury or a migraine. At this point, I'm confident that I'm a hardworking and compassionate person, so I trust my instincts when I want to tell someone to shut up or fuck off. I've also worked hard on biting my tongue, so if the instinct is there I allow myself to trust it. Whenever I regret something it's usually because I didn't listen to my instincts sooner.
    After all the shit and abhorrent behaviors I've seen over the years, I've realized that it does take a toll on your self-worth if you don't have strict boundaries. Life throws surprises at you too, so you have to accept you can't control all of it, but not everyone's invited to my birthday party anymore. If I've got cake, I'm saving slices for the best, not for the masses.”

    “Space Odyssey 2001”
    “Is a love song about my partner who I was friends with for many years, but we met up at just the right time in the summer of 2017, both single and very unexpectedly fell in love. Romance came back into my life in this effervescent, joyful and healing way. I'd been through so much pain and toxicity.”

    Background photo by Emily Marcovecchio
  • source : Apple Music
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