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  • Highly Suspect Releases New Song “The Blue-Eyed Devil”

  • Last month, American rock band Highly Suspect, consisting of Johnny Stevens (lead vocals/guitar), Ryan Meyer (drums), Rich Meyer (bass), Matt Kofos (guitar) and Mark Schwartz (guitar), announced their fifth studio album “As Above, So Below” would be released on July 19, 2024.

    The album is their first body of work in two years since the 2022 album “The Midnight Demon Club”, and comprises a 11-track, produced by Aleks von Korff and Highly Suspect.

    The band frontman Johnny Stevens said of the album in a press release, “If my life is a book, then this album is the first chapter that truly addresses the central conflict. The recognition of an ego, the problems its caused — and the birth of its death. 'As Above, So Below.' If I'm being real, I hit rock bottom again. After another close call with death, I feel wide awake. I don't know how the book ends yet, but I'm very engaged in the plot now. I'd rather it not end at all. For the past few years I don't think I gave a shit one way or the other. Like Thom once said - 'for a minute there I lost myself.'”
  • From the album, the band released a new song “The Blue-Eyed Devil” on June 18, 2024.
    The song is the second single off of the album, following “Summertime Voodoo”.
    The track was written by Johnny Stevens and produced by Aleks von Korff and Highly Suspect.

    Johnny Stevens told Revolver, "But if you're looking for a juicy little factoid nugget, there is one song on the album that was born of an argument. Naturally, with five people stuck in a room with no windows for 12 hours a day, you're gonna run into times when not everyone's on the same page. I remember Ryan [Meyer, drums, vocals] was really tired one day - rightfully so, drumming is very physical, and Matt [Kofos, guitar] and I were being dramatic and frustrated that he was too tired to hit the drums in that moment. So we went to the bar for a couple hours and got hammered.”

  • He continued, “When we came back we had this super angry riff we started jamming and Ryan had taken a nap and suddenly he was blasting the drums perfectly. They all accused us of doing coke that night.. couldn't understand how we left and came back with such a fast ass-kicking riff, but it truly wasn't. Just a couple of drunk kids banging on guitars out of frustration. A song was born.”

    Photo by Jimmy Fontaine
  • source : Apple Music
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