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  • Cassandra Jenkins Releases New Song “Petco”

  • Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Cassandra Jenkins will release her first album “My Light, My Destroyer” in three years on July 12, 2024 via Dead Oceans.

    The album comprises a 13-track, in which she worked with Andrew Lappin, El Kempner, Meg Duffy, Isaac Eiger, Katie Von Schleicher, Zoë Brecher, Daniel McDowell, Stephanie Marziano, and Hailey Benton Gates.

    Cassandra Jenkins said of the album, “The record poses questions about our instinct for companionship and looks for that heartbeat, that connection, everywhere, ultimately finding it exists in a place somewhere between us and the other side of the glass.”

    From the album, she released the third single called “Petco” along with a music video on June 4, 2024.
    The track was written by Cassandra Jenkins and Ian Davis. PRoduced by Andrew Lappin, Cassandra Jenkins, and Katie Von Schleicher.

    Cassandra Jenkins said of the song, “Writing from a pointedly angsty and existential place allowed me to be more playful with songwriting. I needed a space to explore the lizard brain, and deep down the song stems from the sincere belief that we are wired, on the most basic instinctual level, to love and to be loved.”
  • She continued, “I wanted to capture the sense of uncanny malaise inherent to a place that puts a price tag on nature - simultaneously granting us access to the natural world while distancing us from it, all with the promise of companionship.”

    She added, “I come back to the same ideas again and again in my songs, and Petco throws a new lens on a familiar thought: the further we distance ourselves from the natural world, the harder it is to find our way back. It’s easy to wonder if we’ve gone too far, and despite my anxieties, I can’t help but see the humanity in all of it.”

  • The accompanying video was directed by Cassandra Jenkins herself.
    She said of the video, “The video is staged in three distinct locations: an NYC apartment with a window to the outside world, a pet store, and lastly, the dance floor– where the video provides a sense of closure that the song never gives us.”

    Photo by Josh Goleman
  • source : Apple Music
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