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  • Kiesza Releases New Song “Dancing and Crying”

  • Canadian singer-songwriter Kiesza will release her upcoming fourth studio album “Dancing and Crying” in 2024.

    It is her first body of work in four years since the 2020 album “Crave”.
    The album spans multiple volumes, as the volume 1, she will release the EP “Dancing and Crying: Vol. 1” on May 24, 2024.
    Kiesza said of the album, “It isn't an album, it's an Opus. And this is the song that started it all. Dancing and Crying is the title of both the next single release, as well as my entire body of work, spanning multiple volume of music to come.”
    She continued, “The heart of this project is shared with my co-collaborators and close friends Sugar Jesus and Sunt Dracone, who helped this vision unfold together with me, through all the crazy ideas and curveballs that came our way.”
    From the album, she released the title track as the second single on February 23, 2024, following “Heaven Ain't Calling” with Sugar Jesus.
    The track was written by Andrei L'vov-Basirov, Karen Loreto Sotomayor, and Kiesa Rae Ellestad. The accompanying music video was directed by D.G Hagey.
  • Kiesza said of the song, “My new song, 'Dancing and Crying' was the initial spark that launched this upcoming volume of music. It was the first song Sugar Jesus and I began, and the last to be completed for this volume. “Dancing and Crying” is an Opus. A series of contrasting musical ideas, woven together by a foundation of house beats and basslines, bridges the gap between my folk origins and the dance music that marked my place on the global map. When my close friend, Grammy-nominated songwriter K. Sotomayor, joined our bite-sized writing team, we revisited this song with fresh ears. Together, the three of us brought it to completion, with a new perspective on the journey we had embarked on, both together and individually. So, in a way, “Dancing and Crying” is both the beginning and the end of Vol. 1. You can think of this title track as the MC of the show, preparing you for what lies ahead. This song is the catalyst for all that has come and will come to pass in this chapter. From its womb came the vision as a whole, from which all else has and will unfold.”

  • Kiesza shared about her new project on social media, “It's hard to quantify the beginning of this new chapter. It's been years in the making, and a journey I've barely even begun to process. I asked myself before I began, “if this was the last thing I ever put into the world, what would I want it to be?” In that same moment I realized that the end result was of very little importance to me. It was the journey to that destinations, and the people I shared it with me that mattered. I wanted to feel incredible the whole way, though I knew there would be challenges and obstacles. I wanted to make it with friends, new and old, and look back knowing that this leap of faith was one of the best times of my life. Whatever it ended up being and whoever was to receive this work of art, I wanted them to feel the exact same way we felt creating it.”

    She continued, “Having no idea what this meant at the time, I realized the only way I could embark on this journey was to go full trust and allow it to unfold on it own. I couldn't think my way through it, I had to be guided by instinct and patience when the way wasn't clear. It has taking so many shapes informs, and I still don't know the full extend of where this is going. But I have had the most incredible experience making this project with the most amazing people, and we're just at the top of the iceberg! I'm so proud of all of us, the depth of heart contained in every aspect of the work and the teamwork that made this dream a reality. Thank you to everyone who is a part of making all of this come to life.”

    Photo by TJ Millard
  • source : Apple Music
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