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  • Crawlers Releases Debut Album “The Mess We Seem To Make”

  • Liverpool-based alt-rock band Crawlers, consisting of Harry Breen (drums), Liv Kettle (bass), Holly Minto (vocals/guitar) and Amy Woodall (guitar), released their debut album “The Mess We Seem To Make” on February 16, 2024.

    The album comprises a 12-track. The deluxe edition comprises a 20-track, consisting of two discs, including 12 songs and 8 songs
    The band worked with producer Pete Robertson on the album.
    The band said of the album, “This album debut comes from us honing our craft, being vulnerable with each other, finding our sound and saying exactly what we wanted to. I think that's a lot of what the Crawlers sound is, being honest with each other about how to get the correct emotions out – trying, failing, and pushing each other to keep playing and writing to the limits.”
    They continued, “When we started this band six years ago in a shed in the north of england, we said our goal was to be a band who create albums with all our hearts involved. we have been creating this world for three years now with our best friend and producer Pete Robertson, and never expected to be able to have the platform to share these feelings, thoughts, relationships and politics with the most wonderful community.”
  • The band said, “The world of crawlers' as you know it has only been a dip in the surface of what is to come. many tears, hugs and traveling; going from a band skipping train fare to make it to practice, to flying around the world to perform to people who share the love of music created by four friends brought together by hurt.”
    They added, “It is 'the mess we seem to make'. our proudest work. a massive thank you to our friends and family, touring crew, label and management and most of all, you.”

  • “Would You Come To My Funeral”
    “The track and video focus on the concept of whether you'd go to the funeral of an ex-lover, someone you'd once been so close to but now hate, and if you did go how would they react. Once we had that idea nailed down it was such a fun world to explore, looking at the emotional dilemmas of each character, developing the action and how the crowd react to it. Ultimately though, this was all a big excuse to have a massive punch up in a church, which you don't get to do every day.”

    “Golden Bridge”
    “Writing Golden Bridge was the worst time in my life. At the time nothing amounted to anything, but I stood at the Mersey in Liverpool thinking about sinking or swimming and wrote down everything that makes life worth the hardships. We came back to that place where it was written – the same place where we spent our happy times after our first rehearsals as a band. Being back at the Mersey with the sunset bouncing off the water helped us to realise how things are now better than when we wrote the song.”

    “Come Over (Again)” via DORK
    Liv Kettle : “When we first wrote 'Come Over', that was like the furthest from what we had written or released so far as a band. It was quite nerve-wracking.”
    Holly Minto : “That was the song that got us signed and stuff, and it was all written in Liv's kitchen with Liv and Harry. I wouldn't have been able to write that song if it wasn't for these guys being around me. I wouldn't have felt comfortable. When I started, I came from a bit more of a political background because at that point, it wasn't like anything life-wise had affected me. It can be really hard to speak about some of those topics, and it's really important to accept your privilege before talking about them, but when 'Come Over' started happening, it was a bit more like - oh, what's going on here? And obviously, they all knew exactly what I was talking about. It was honestly so emotional.”

    “Kills Me To Be Kind”
    “A song for all the people pleasers.The ones ready to settle in a relationship where they felt diminished of their true self and finally breaking out of that moment.”

    “Call It Love”
    “'Call It Love' romanticises the desire to love someone despite it being a toxic situation. You call a relationship love because you feel like that's what you deserve, but that doesn't mean that that's what it actually is.”

    “That Time Of Year Always”
    “'That Time Of Year Always' encompasses the feeling of envying your younger self before the trauma hits in your early 20's. It's about missing the ignorance that you had in your childhood; that reflection process which usually happens for me during the winter seasons. Being older, you realise that despite thinking these thoughts stem from seasonal depression, it's normal to feel that longing for your youth all year round, and to constantly have your younger self in mind when reminiscing about what once was.”

    “Originally wrote it live and I live together chaotic time of our lives. I was on the sofa and I wrote this song. Originally it didn't have manipulate. I'm gonna let an audience member choose what word that is because I can't say it on the radio. And they were like, 'you shouldn't have that lyric because you want it on the radio.' and I was like, 'I don't know if I'll make on the radio.' But here we are. So you're right guys. Manipulate was the one. And we it was our first song that we didn't write in the UK. We finished off in LA. I've never been to America before and we didn't have an AC in the room. And we went a bit crazy. And I think that's why I was just as blunt as the lyrics are in this song, I think. I think producers were really scared because we came in as a band, and they were like, 'Whoa, it's all four of you here and we're like way ready to write magic, baby.' It's so used to like one person coming in. But apparently you get everyone when you come in with us.”

    Photo by Jess Meade
  • source : Apple Music
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