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  • ROKI Releases New Song “Foolish Heart”

  • Canadian alt-pop singer-songwriter ROKI has released a new song “Foolish Heart” along with a music video.

    The song is the first music since the EP “Lovable”, which was released last November. It was written by Axel Zavier.
    The track showcases a darker and broodier side of her pop sensibilities, delving into the intricate conflict between emotions and logic.
    ROKI said of the song, “I love this song. A little back story on this song, I actually wrote it quite a while ago, but I felt scared to release it since it felt so vulnerable to me, then one day I hit a point where I thought 'stop holding yourself back, if you love it, let it fly free'! So here we are, and I'm so happy it gets to have it's moment because the sentiments this song expresses I'm sure we've all felt at a time in our lives!”
  • The accompanying music video was directed by Axel Zavier and Blade Zavier.
    ROKI told Occhi Magazine about the video, “I wanted to embrace that dark pop aesthetic. I love the visual dynamic between prey and predator which we hinted at.I was really drawn to red for this song's visuals. It's not a colour I typically gravitate towards, but for this song and a few others in production, it was screaming at me to be used. Shortly after shooting the music video, I was talking with a psychic, and she mentioned that red is my creative colour. I thought that was very interesting as I'd never felt so passionate about using the colour before.”

  • Photo by Bruce Borland
  • source : Apple Music
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