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  • Lizzy and the Palm Releases Self-Titled Debut Album

  • Berlin-based singer-songwriter Lizzy and the Palm released her self-titled debut album on January 25, 2024.

    Lizzy and the Palm earned her stage name from the woman who created and raised her, Marie de la Palme, to whom she dedicated her musical journey, and it became the album's title.
    The album comprises a 13-track, featuring preceding singles “Feelings”, “Honest Song”, and “Snow”.
    All songs are written and produced by Elisabeth de la Palme Mulroy, with production by Adam Castilla.
    Lizzy has always been one to search for the deeper meaning of life, especially after coming to terms with her grief after the loss of her mother.
    So, the album reflects her warm, compassionate tone, allowing her music to resonate with all generations, as her sound transcends genre.
    She has always been in touch with her creative roots as she was born to an American musical theater composer for a father and a French choreographer for a mom, and some of her songs are sung in French on the album.
  • Lizzy and the Palm explained about some tracks for the album.

    “I don't even know what to say it's been a bazillion years coming, had to go through way way too much to get my first release out of me... It seriously means the world to me ugh I'm gonna cry dude.”

    “Honest Song”
    “I don't have words for what this song means to me and what it means that's you like it too. i made this video just w my iPhone, I had just started experimenting w video techniques and in the end i just felt like cutting it together and seeing what happened... the result is a glimpse into my wobbly little heart that holds so much, too much, that keeps dropping it all over the place, that loves your beautiful faces with a ferocity so blinding and tender that only singing stands a chance at trying to express it all.”

  • “Snow”
    “I had so much fun filming this last year in France, one of the best days of 2022. This place is where I would go summers with my mom, hanging out with my all her family, my cousins, picking berries and mushrooms and bird nests in the forest, playing with puppets and watching deer in the foggy morning meadow. The years following my mothers passing I found great refuge here and deep joy in days of solitude, playing, dreaming, creating, reading, screaming my grief, laughing great booming cackles that echoed through the forest. God is so good, I've been immeasurably blessed. I think losing my mom carved out heart and deepened my capacity for delight. How can Joy truly exist without the warbling poignance of knowing just how precious something is? Sometimes I feel odd singing this song because it makes me sound like I hate people. I don't, I love people so much it aches. But in the silence, in that solitude with God, relieved of all my anxieties of not being something enough for somebody - how deep is my joy, how strong is my mind, how ringing is my voice, how free is my laughter. I love solitude, but I know now I was never completely alone in it. If you are afraid of being alone- curl into the fetal, now, on your floor: hold yourself like a squirrel. Burrow. Let your heart leap and bleed for the aching, ravenous beauty of the sky, the bellowing rain, the itchy grass, the raging sea, the unbearable pain of being let down a billion times. Break your heart and let it pour out on your floor into the hands of the one whose heart made All Beautiful Things.”
  • source : Apple Music
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