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  • Seth Glier Releases New Album “Everything”

  • American singer-songwriter Seth Glier released a new album “Everything” on January 26, 2024.

    It is his first album in three years since the 2021 album “The Coronation”.
    The album comprises a 8-track, featuring guest appearances from Crys Matthews, Windborne, and Hayley Reardon.
    The album is a hopeful and important narrative entirely about climate solutions.
    Each song presents a practical climate solution with concrete optimism.
    The album is an acknowledgement of the sacred connections that exist between all living things and is an active questioning of what might be possible collectively.
    Seth Glier said of the album, “The earth speaks to us in a myriad of ways. Through ice cores. Through uplift and erosion. Through tree rings. Through geological formations. All of these are languages that we have the potential to restore our literacy in.”
  • He continued, “My new album Everything is out today. This album is a collection of eight songs inviting us to imagine a future in which humans and the planet are re-aligned into mutual restoration.”
    He added, “The album is an acknowledgement of the sacred connections that exist between all living things and is an active questioning of what might be possible collectively. Everything is a reminder that the future is something we always have an influence over.”

  • Seth Glier explained about some tracks for the album.

    “Finally Home” featuring Crys Matthews
    “I was reading an essay by activist Leah Penniman, farmer and food justice activist from Soul Fire Farm,” said Seth Glier. “She described a young teenager by the name of Dijour Carter who didn't like the idea of getting mud on his new Air Jordan's when he arrived at the farm with the other teens from his youth program. It was only after he saw the group departing on the tour that his fear of being left alone in a forest full of bears overcame his fear of dirt. He removed his Jordan's and the soil made direct contact with the soles of his bare feet. Dijour, usually quite stoic, broke into tears, explaining that when he was young his grandmother had shown him how to garden, but she had died many years ago and he had forgotten her lessons. The memory of her traveled from the earth, through the soles of his feet, and into his heart... he said it felt like he was 'finally home.'”

    “What if you were brought back to life into a world you could no longer recognize? Would you be grateful for a 2nd go around or would you miss your friends & family? What if you could no longer recognize the world you were returning to? What if you were told that the reason you were brought back was to save humanity? Mammoth is my new single, about such a resurrection. Scientist Sergey Zimov and Nikita Zimov of Russia have been picking through the ice and the melting permafrost of northern Siberia for the perfect frozen sample of a Wooly Mammoth. Their hope is to take the DNA and bring the mammoth back to the plains it once roamed. There is some merit to this idea as a climate solution. The Permafrost is one of the largest carbon reservoirs we have. In the grazing ecosystems, mammoths trample snow while foraging during the winter. When the snow is packed beneath their significant weight, it allows deeper freezing of the permafrost and thus protects it from degradation. I was struck by this and how strange it might feel for the mammoth & decided to write the song from its perspective.”

    “Birches” featuring Windborne
    “Have you heard that the birches are moving? Anyone who walks the woods of the northeast probably has noticed how many fallen birches lay on the forest floor. The warming winter has disrupted their necessary rest and they have begun to migrate north to higher altitudes and colder temperatures. All living things will move, or try to move, to a place where they can continue to grow and have the resources they need to survive. I couldn't be more excited to share this collaboration with vocal group Windborne who really made this song, written with Rani Arbo and Daisy Mayhem, come to life.”

    “My Body Remembers” featuring Hayley Reardon
    “My Body Remembers is a song about how healing is transmitted. It is also about how nature can teach us how to be better at healing trauma. I wrote 'My Body Remembers' with my friend Hayley Reardon. We wanted the percussion to feel like limbs creaking in the wind and have our voices twist around each other like mountain laurel. When it comes to healing, I believe humans should model our society to be more like a forest. Forests thrive and heal collectively. It is what Robin Will Kimmerer called 'the giving economy.' A tree does not hoard resources for itself, it shares nutrients with everything around it knowing that all we give will eventually come back. Like the trees, our bodies are vessels of history, story and memory all interconnected.”

    “It's Everything”
    “I wrote the title track, 'It's Everything,' after a meal I had with two friends who have been foraging wild rice from the Connecticut river from their kayaks. They prepared rice three ways and I, of course, foraged oyster mushrooms. We sat around the fire and ate our bounty and mostly talked about how long it took to collect, clean, and prepare the food. We could taste the place in our mouth. Each bit felt like an act of rebellion just as much as it was a reconnection with the land, with each other, and with everything around us.”
  • source : Apple Music
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