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  • Victoria Nadine Releases New Song “Proud”

  • Norwegian singer-songwriter Victoria Nadine released a new song “Proud” on January 5, 2024.

    The song is dedicated to her younger self of the now 24-year-old and is a look back at a time when Victoria Nadine didn't believe in herself and struggled a lot with her own insecurities.
    The track was written by Lenno Linjama, Sophie Simmons, and Victoria Nadine. Produced by Lenno.
    Victoria Nadine said of the song, “Okay, where do I start.. I have never been this scared to share new music with you guys, ever. I’m always nervous but it’s never been on this level. I have this big lump in my stomach writing this because that means it’s getting real and I’m actually releasing this song. I’ve tried to hide the fact that I’m super scared to the people around me because I didn’t want to stress them out, but I figured it’s better to be honest. Writing breakup songs has been 'easy' because I’m obviously not going through a breakup and I’ve made a lot of those now, so it’s nothing new. But this time I decided to write about something I’ve been wanting to write about forever, but never dared to. And the second I wrote this song I just knew it had to come out. For some weird reason it would feel like I was keeping a secret by not releasing it, haha..”
  • She continued, “Writing a song to my younger self has been tough because I know how hard I was on myself as a kid. I believed every bad word ever said about me and repeated it to myself every day. I remember telling myself that I didn’t deserve to have any friends and I genuinely believed that I would be the only one in my class that wouldn’t achieve anything in life. And now I have this feeling of guilt over how I treated her and I guess it’s hard to talk about it because I’m still pretty hard on myself. And I know that one day the older version of me will feel guilty about that too.”

  • She added, “I’m living my younger self’s biggest dream right now and it’s time to really let that sink in and be proud of myself. Because I know that she would be so freaking proud. She wouldn’t even believe it. So if she’s proud, that’s all I can ever wish for. I’m so so proud of this song and that I’ve decided to share it with the world and that’s what I’m going to focus on. Let’s all start making the younger version of ourselves proud. I think that’s a big part of what life’s about!”
  • source : Apple Music
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