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  • Lauren Spencer Smith Drops New Acoustic Live Videos for “Love Is An Overstatement” & “Too Hurt To Fall In Love”

  • Canadian singer-songwriter Lauren Spencer Smith has dropped tow acoustic live videos for “Love Is An Overstatement” and “Too Hurt To Fall In Love”.

    Both songs are featured on her debut album “Mirror”, which was released back in July via Republic Records.
    “Love Is An Overstatement” was written by Lauren Spencer Smith, David Burris, Geena Fontanella and Violet Skies. Produced by David Burris and Geena Fontanella.
    Lauren Spencer Smith said of the song, “'Love Is An Overstatement' was also written in Gina's music room, we did it over Zoom with a girl named Violet Skies and David Burris the producer. And I remember being in that session me and Jane were both just sitting on like I was sitting on a wooden chair at her like tiny sewing desk that she was using as a desk. And I has said Violet had asked people do you love this guy, and I was like well you know love's kind of an overstatement. She was like boom that's the title. And so we kind of went from there but the song's kind of about like this person's constantly keeping you edge like one day they say they love you the next day they don't and they're kind of just like around with you and by the and of it you're kind of realizing like oh Love's just an overstatement like you don't when you say love me when you say those eight words like you don't mean them at all.”
  • “Too Hurt To Fall In Love” was written by Lauren Spencer Smith, Gordon Groothedde and Jacqueline Govaert. Produced by Gordon Groothedde.
    She said of the song, “I wrote I think like not even a week after hanging out with Matt for the first time how mine and match relationship Brooke was we hung out once and I had to go to Europe for pretty much two months. So I was like hey let's hang out I'm in love with you be my husband I remember being in Amsterdam, and the day before the session I was like bawling my eyes up, because I was just like overthinking everything, and asking Matt like are you sure you even want to do this like everybody says they want to do long distance and then they don't and like I'm never gonna find love because of my career, and like I just feel like in like a week you're gonna be like this isn't worth it because like the problem is like really with the time change. So I'm FaceTime him in the morning and he's FaceTiming me like super late at night and it was just like having to constantly make it work, and I was so scared that that wasn't going to happen but I remember bawling my eyes out being so upset that night and that exact morning Matt FaceTiming me Matt has always been so reassuring from the beginning and it's always been like I will remind you as many times as you need to be reminded that I'm literally not going to leave you. And I went into the session being like okay I just cried about this all night because I don't want to have to ask for reassurance I just don't want to overthink everything like I just feel like I'm too hard to fall in love I'm too scared so it was definitely like a fresh emotion of going in to this session in Amsterdam and I read it with Gordon and Jaclyn and I love them they are the sweetest I just love people from Amsterdam they're the kindest people in the entire world.”
  • source : Apple Music
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