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  • Kat Cunning Drops New Music Video for “Bedroom Angel”

  • Last month, American singer-songwriter Kat Cunning returned with a new song “Bedroom Angel”.

    It is their first music in two years since the 2021 single “Boys”.
    The track was written by Katrina R Cunningham, and Bram Inscore who also produced it.
    Kat Cunning said of the song, “When I wrote 'Bedroom Angel' I imagined being closeted in a small town and praying at the foot of my bed for some sapphic apparition to burst through the ceiling and show me the way. I hope this song serves as redemption and celebration bursting through your ceiling to give you that same nudge toward owning what you want and who you are. Queer people are angels, pleasure is political, and you are my favorite ghost.”
    On December 20, they dropped a new music video for the song directed by Anna Tse and Layne Willis.
    Kat Cunning wrote about the video on YouTube channel, “Bedroom Angel is a voyage into the heart of our identities, celebrating the many forms love takes and the right to pleasure. This video champions personal empowerment, reflecting my belief in the beauty of self-discovery, kink as exploration, and the political act of pleasure.”
  • Kat Cunning shared on sosical media, “I used to find it peculiar that people would want to adorn a costume or use a prop to achieve intimacy. As a young person I was averse to most things that excited me in a way I was ashamed of. I’m lucky that my career as a dancer, which led me to music, which led me to acting, which brings me back to the heart of storytelling every time, has opened my eyes at every step to the power of play. In kink and BDSM spaces- in every nuanced form of drag in life, clothes and props and roles we play can be more of a 'shedding' than a 'putting on.' Shedding what our society deems we are through oppressively narrow lenses, we widen the apperature to see the most grand potentials of our being. Sometimes the largest version of life can bring us to our most intimate truths. With this video I wanted to honor those communities and experiences that have led me to keep expressing and discovering myself without fear or shame.”

  • They continued, “I'm so grateful to everyone on this team who took my less articulate texts about this song, and said- 'yes I’m down to make an angel a gimp- yes we should set this in a church- yes I will come the day of the shoot wearing black and give you life'. Because at this stage of my career it is all done on those whims. Without too many cooks in the kitchen I said I wanted to reflect the way NY art scenes, nightlife, history and seggs positive spaces have served as a source of healing trauma and bringing catharsis to my life. They have led me to feel empowered as the person I am, and in the reflection of the people I love so dearly who live boldly in and out of their fantasies, my sense of self, and the celebration of things that were once condemned, is emboldened.”
    They added, “I wanted to give a taste of that true perspective to you. Permission to play. Permission to imagine. Permission to listen to that ghost when it whispers you dirty little things. By the grace of all these bedroom angels, I am so proud to share this with you.”

    Photo by Morgan T.Stuart
  • source : Apple Music
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