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  • Charlotte Sands Releases New Song “blindspot”

  • Nashville-based pop-punk singer-songwriter Charlotte Sands released the fourth single called “blindspot” from her upcoming debut album “can we start over?” on December 13, 2023.

    The debut album is set to be released on January 24, 2024.
    The track was written by Alex Nice, Charlotte Sands, Jordan Lutes, and Keith 'Ten4' Sorrells. Produced by Alex Nice, and Keith 'Ten4' Sorrells.
    Charlotte Sands said of the song, “'blindspot' comes out tonight and I've genuinely never been so excited to release a song in my entire life. I'm so proud of them all individually but this one just feels so different for me. I've been trying for years to write something that feels anything like the Michelle Branch, Bonnie Raitt, Shawn Colvin, or Sheryl Crow albums that I grew up on (they're the entire reason I wanted to be songwriter). This song to me feels like the person I am today holding hands with the 9 year old girl who would listen to the same cd over and over, memorizing every single word, and wondering how in the world a stranger could write a story about their feelings and their life yet somehow make it feel like my own. I think she would like this one.”
  • She continued, “We wrote it in la on July 12th, coincidentally the same day my 'good now' EP came out and now we're releasing it (the final single off my debut album) on 12/12 at 12:00am. It all just feels like perfect timing. Thank you for listening, thank you for giving me a space to be myself and to write songs about my life and my experiences. I feel forever lucky that I get to make music I love with people I love for people I love. What a beautiful life. I really reaaaally hope you like this one :)”

  • The accompanying music video was directed by David O'Donohue.
    Charlotte Sands said of the video, “I'm so immensely proud of this video and eternally grateful for the people who made it possible. We shot 4 videos in one day, all one takes, all had to be perfect or we had to shoot the entire song again. When I first talked to our amazing director David I told him I envisioned blindspot starting in a dressing room where I would be alone, switching between performing and sitting by myself as I normally would before or after a show. I wanted it to feel like the audience was coming with me through the process of shooting the video but also have a glimpse of the moments of solitude and calm before and after all of the lights, cameras, and performances. I wanted it to feel like we were in every moment together. I love this song so much and I am so so proud of how this video turned out. I still can't believe we did it all in one take after shooting 3 other videos that day (tim you are a beast). I am so so so happy. I hope you love it.”

    Photo by Dillon Jordan
  • source : Apple Music
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