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  • Tyla Announces Self-Titled Debut Album, Shares Three New Songs “Truth or Dare”, “Butterflies” & “On and On”

  • South African singer-songwriter Tyla has announced that her self-titled debut album will be released on March 1, 2024 vis Epic Records.

    The album comprises a 14-track, featuring a guest appearance Travis Scott.
    Tyla told Zane Lowe of Apple Music about the album title, “For now, my introduction to the world, I just wanted to be clean, Tyla. I want people to get to know my name and get to know my sound because my first project is going to be Tyla in music form. So, I felt like self-titled would've been the best way to go.”
    She shared on social media, “Everything that's happening has surpassed anything I could have dreamt of. African music is going global and I'm so blessed to be one of the artists pushing the culture. I've been working on my sound for 2 years now and I'm so ready for the world to hear it. I cannot wait for the world to experience an African.”
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    On December 1, she released the preceding singles “Water”, including three new songs “Truth or Dare”, “Butterflies”, and “On and On” ahead of the album.
    “Water” was released back in July. The track was written by Tyla, Sammy Soso, Rayo, Jack LoMastro, Olmo Zucca, Ari PenSmith, Believve, Mocha Bands and Tricky Stewart. Produced by Sammy Soso.
    Tyla told Rolling Stone about the song, "I'm usually driven by the beat. When someone plays me a beat, it has to grab me in order for me to even want to work on it. I love listening to beats singing random things that come to me and then listening back and choosing what fits best. After, the words just come. 'With 'Water,' I just wanted a summer song that everybody could vibe to and have fun to. The meaning of the song is frisky: It's me letting a guy know, 'Show me what you got to offer. I'm done with all the talk.' Men will just talk and talk and talk. As soon as I heard 'Water,' I said, 'It's over. We have the song.'”

  • “Truth or Dare” was written by Tyla, Ari PenSmith, Believve, Sammy Soso and Mocha Bands. Produced by Sammy Soso.
    “Butterflies” was written by Sir Nolan, Ari PenSmith and Marcus Semaj. Produced by Sir Nolan.
    “On and On” was written by Tyla and Corey Marlon Lindsay-Keay. Produced by Corey Marlon Lindsay-Keay.
  • source : Apple Music
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