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  • Alex Maher Returns With New Song “Red Planet”

  • Vancouver-based Filipinx-Canadian multi-instrumentalist Alex Maher returned with a new song “Red Planet” on November 28, 2023.

    It is his first music in three years since the 2020 EP “Dream Final”.
    The track is a metaphor, using the image of the barren and desolate planet Mars as a parallel of what becomes of us when we struggle to remove ourselves from self-imposed emotional and spiritual isolation that occurs when rage and depression are allowed to linger, unaddressed and un amended.
    The accompanying music video was directed by Joey Senft .
    Alex Maher said of the song, “The song "Red Planet" began as a producer-artist collaboration with the producer polun (a.k.a Terence Lam). I had been on the road a lot, away from my family and friends, and while writing this song I was in Calgary for the Canadian Music Incubator, a five-week artist entrepreneurship program.”
  • He continued, “The last few years have been full of change - both for me personally, but on a more global level, too. I was reflecting on both the noise of everything around me and the emotions that came out of feeling powerless to help. Every night as I commuted back to my temporary home in Calgary, I was aware of a constant companion just above the horizon: the planet Mars. Out of that came a metaphor. When we give in to helplessness, we breed depression and in effect self-isolate.”
    He added, “This song is about getting out of that orbit, being accountable, and proactive. I hope this song encourages self-reflection. What can we do to move away from that which alienates us from each other and foster something more loving and vibrant instead? Everyone will come to their own conclusions and, at the very least, find a vibe they'll want to come back to.”

  • Background photo by Joey Senft
  • source : Apple Music
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