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  • Written By Wolves Releases New Song “BURN”

  • New Zealand cinematic rock band Written By Wolves, consisting of Michael Murphy (vocals), Davie Wong (guitar), Bahador Borhani (guitar), Karl Woodmans (drums) and Oli Lyons (percussion), released a new song “BURN” on November 1, 2023.

    The song is featured on their new EP of the same name.
    The track was written by Michael Murphy, David Wong, and James Wong, The accompanying video was directed by Taylor Wilson.
    The band said of the song, “BURN is a tongue in cheek look at the state of the world, kind of one of those if you don't laugh you'll cry type moments. No matter where you turn you right now you find the world in complete disarray and it doesn't take too cynical of a mind to think that humanity is doomed... This song plays with the idea that perhaps we have let it go too far, we are beyond the tipping point and the only thing left to do is to sit back and watch it burn...”
  • The EP “BURN” comprises 6-track. It is their first project in four years since the 2019 debut album “Secrets”. Also the EP is the follow-up to the collaborative project “The Collab Project / Secrets”, which was released in 2021.
    The band lead singer Michael Murphy explained track by track for the EP.

    “GODDESS” is love, it's lust, sex, desire, devotion, adoration and hopeless, eternal connection. It's both crippling affection and white, hot eternal love. It's the dizzying realization that this devotion is infinite, both eye opening and blinding at the same time, it will burn as hot as the sun but also leave you chilled to the bone. This unending connection will lead you to the ends of the earth, through time and space with an energy that simply cannot be destroyed.”

  • “ALTAR”
    “ALTAR is a realisation, a call to action, a moment of understanding and a decision to let go of that which holds you down. To shed the unnecessary, negative influences that so often rule our lives and cloud our judgement. It is the simple action of allowing yourself to no longer worship the parts of society that are not designed for the betterment of life and humanity. The official music video for ALTAR is a long awaited return to working with our good friend, Nick Kozakis and the team at Visible Studios. Nick directed the video for Secrets feat. Sonny Sandoval of P.O.D and since then has become a part of the Written By Wolves family. The guy is a genius and has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry… ALTAR is the first look into an ongoing cinematic multiverse where the mirror's image may show you things that you don't necessarily want to see and every crack in the glass a vision of a timeline long forgotten...”

    “Take Me Home”
    “'TAKE ME HOME' is an indepth, yet metaphorical look inside the breakdown. The feeling of knowing that a mental health episode is perhaps imminent, or the realisation of knowing that you are in fact, in the midst of a dark place that you wish to get out of. It speaks of the idea of 'Home', not necessarily a physical place, but the one that makes you feel comfortable, that puts you at ease and makes you feel safe. The accompanying music video for ´TAKE ME HOME´ is the first half of a two-part release with 'MISERY' (coming soon). Both videos showcase the beauty of our hometown, Auckland and the city's skyline; 'TAKE ME HOME' at dusk and 'MISERY' at night. We also enlisted the help of a full string section and a 3-part backing vocal line as well. The end result is spectacular and showcases not only our high energy live performance but the beauty of Aotearoa, New Zealand as well.”

    “The new track is an emphatic plea for something more in life than what we have been sold. The broken mental health systems, the loneliness and isolation felt by so many in a day and age in which we are more connected than ever, the over worked and stretched teachers, nurses, doctors, and employees in almost every industry, inequality in almost every aspect of society and a self-serving, capitalist ideal that is not designed to aid or look after the well-being of people, humanity, or the planet, yet continues to roll on with the ferocity of a runaway steam train. Yet, through all this, the song implores hope, that there has to be more than this and there has to be a way to dig ourselves out of the hole we find ourselves in–that we are not just made for misery and through all the negativity there is beauty in the world and the desire of those that wish to change it for the better.”

    “'GIVE 'EM HELL' marks the beginning of a new era for Written By Wolves. An era in which we take everything that we have done before, every genre bending idea we have ever had, and put it on steroids. 'GIVE 'EM HELL' imagines a dystopian future not too distant and dissimilar from today where the need to unify has become critical to survival. It warns of an inevitable and impending armageddon should we not learn how to put aside our differences and unite against those that conspire to keep us down.”

    Photo by Samantha Davies
  • source : Apple Music
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