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  • The Rolling Stones Releases New Album “Hackney Diamonds”

  • British rock band The Rolling Stones, Mick Jagger (lead vocals), Keith Richards (guitar) and Ronnie Wood (guitar), released the 24th British and 26th American studio album “Hackney Diamonds” on October 20, 2023 via Polydor.

    It is the first album in seven years since the 2016 blues covers album “Blue & Lonesome”, and also the first album after the death of drummer Charlie Watts, who died in 2021.
    The album title is London slang for the shattered glass left behind after burglars have smashed a window to break in.
    Keith Richards stated it refers to broken glass left over in the morning after “a good Saturday night that went bad”.
    The album comprises 12-track, featuring guest contributions from Elton John, Lady Gaga, Paul McCartney, Stevie Wonder, and former Rolling Stone bassist Bill Wyman. Also, Charlie Watts contributed to “Mess It Up” and “Live by the Sword” in 2019.
    This time, the band worked with producer Andrew Watt, who was recommended by Paul McCartney. Also, Steve Jordan played drums on the album.
  • Mick Jagger told Apple Music, “He (Andrew Watt) kicked us up the ass. The fact that our music has managed to become part of the fabric of life everywhere, I feel pretty proud about that, more than any one particular thing or one particular song. It is nice to be accepted into this legendary piece of bullshit.”
    Keith Richards added, “At the end of it, I just said, 'Well, that's just like the old days.'”
    He said of the collaboration with Lady Gaga and Stevie Wonder, “Playing with Stevie is always mind-blowing, and I thought that Lady Gaga did an incredible job, man. She snaked her way in there and took it over and gave as good as she got with Mick, and it was great fun.”

  • Lady Gaga shared, “I was in the studio at Henson preparing for Joker, leaving to go home for the night and someone said 'Mick wants to see you.' I only know one Mick, so I walked down to a studio at the other end of the hall and opened the door. It was a portal to the 70's. I saw Mick, Keith, Ronnie. Stevie Wonder was there along with all the musicians they were collaborating with. Steve Jordan on the drums. Family & friends hanging out listening on big speakers while Andrew Watt smiled marveling at their unreleased album. We hung out for a bit listening to music and catching up. Mick then asked if I'd hang in the live room while they cut another record. I sat down on the floor, my back against a Rhodes-someone handed me some headphones and eventually a mic. Mick was towering over me smiling saying 'go on and do your thing then.' I listened to the music and scribbled furiously trying to learn the tune and then freestyled and sang along..trying not to step on everyone's toes cuz Andrew had the whole room mic'd the way they did back in the day, and I didn't want my vocals to bleed into any of the magic they'd been making. The Rhodes was vibrating furiously through my back-Stevie was playing and my whole body was shaking with every note. We played for a few hours and everyone was so excited having me there (this felt so exciting if not slightly insane). I went home not thinking much of it, I loved the song and all the musicians but I thought we were just hangin. Andrew texted me the next day saying Mick wanted to cut the vocals WITH me that night-the way he'd cut them back in the day. Same room, two mics. Single takes. I thought about Mary Clayton…Gimme Shelter…gospel and soul. I thought about my favorite old Stones tunes and all the great vocalists who had sung with Mick, making what we know now as a 'sound' unique to a band that defined a huge piece of rock'n'roll. Then we cut it live. Making the 'Sweet Sounds of Heaven.' I sang in a way I never really sang before except for with Mick. And Andrew and I both cried-there's something about witnessing music history and when you get to be a part of it I think that's exactly what our heaven feels like. It's just a sweet sound.”

    Photo by Kevin Mazur
  • source : Apple Music
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