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  • Kodiak Arcade Releases New Song “Another Summer”

  • Canadian electronic music composer Graeme Cornies' project Kodiak Arcade released a new song “Another Summer” on October 18, 2023.

    The song is accompanied by AI generated lyric video. The track was written and produced by Kodiak Arcade.
    Kodiak Arcade said of the song, “Once the infatuation of a new relationship fades and the spell of newness has worn off, can the relationship bloom again and again over time? Should we put in the long term effort that commitment takes, or was our short time in the sun all that was meant to be? Even after you've been in a relationship for a long time, that question remains – can we keep falling for each new version of one another as we grow?”
  • He continued, “It occasionally strikes me how irrational it is for me to ask anyone to be with me longterm if I can't even guarantee who I will be in 10 years. And it's the same in reverse. It takes some blind faith to commit to another person to the point where you are building a life together, to say: No matter who we become as individuals, I will try to love that next version of you too. Even after a million minor disagreements, the grind of work, life, bills, laundry and groceries - the day to day consistency that encourages us to slowly start to take one another for granted - it takes commitment to keep choosing to be in a relationship.”

  • He added, “We should expect that there will be less-great times – that no one lives the always-on, romance movie version of life, that these less vibrant periods are natural – and that even in nature, the world around us yearly goes through a dying off period and a dormant period before it can bloom again in spring.”
  • source : Apple Music
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