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  • TAELA Releases New Song “unforgivable” from Debut Album “life's a bitch... but it gets better”

  • American singer-songwriter Taylor LaCour, aka TAELA released a new song “unforgivable” on October 13, 2023.

    The song is featured on her debut album “life's a bitch... but it gets better”, which was released on the same day.
    She co-wrote the song with Canadian singer-songwriter JP Saxe and Robert Francis Grimaldi. Produced by Robert Francis Grimaldi.
    The accompanying music video was directed by Acacia Evans.
    TAELA said of the song, “I wrote “Unforgivable” about being so deeply attached to a toxic relationship that it would take your partner doing something completely unforgivable for you to leave. Having a trauma bond is the worst type of addiction. I heard someone say it's worse than being addicted to drugs or alcohol because drugs and alcohol can't text or call you begging for you to come back. As someone who's been trauma bonded before, I was super inspired to write about what it feels like to have this attachment.”
    She continued, “I thought about the things my ex did to get me to hate them enough to leave and said 'fuck it, i'm gonna just lay it all out there' and when I started teasing the song online I was amazed by how many people resonated with the lyrics. I think it can be uncomfortable for some people to listen to but really healing for whoever needs to hear it.”
  • The debut album comprises 14-track, including 4 new songs, the 2022 EP “life's a bitch” and the 2023 EP “life's a bitch...still”.
    Produced by Robert Francis Grimaldi, Keith Varon, Paige Nicole Blue, and Dave Pittenger.
    TAELA said of the album, “Thank you so so so much from the bottom of my heart to everyone involved in this project. It's been really healing for me and feels incredible to tell this story the way I always imagined it. My goal with this whole thing was to write about some pretty horrific (but unfortunately common) things we go through as humans and give us an outlet to sing about it and cry about it and dance about it. A safe place to feel things. I'm so grateful, I'm so proud, I feel fucking GOOD. thank you thank you thank you to everyone a billion times I love you.”

  • Before the release of the album, she shared on social media, “This year, for the first time, I decided to face my demons instead of running from them. This decision required a lot of sacrifice and super uncomfortable change. I've always had an addiction to making my life seem really incredible on the outside when it was constant suffering on this inside. Because of this, I wasn't healthy. Nothing ever felt good. 26 years of pushing the pain down deep enough to forget it was there wasn't working anymore- it started rising to the surface and I was drowning.”
  • source : Apple Music
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