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  • Jeremy Voltz Releases New Album “Running Away”

  • Toronto-based singer-songwriter Jeremy Voltz released his third studio album “Running Away” along with a new music video for the title track on September 29, 2023.

    It is his first album in two years since the 2021 album “Weekender”.
    The album comprises 10-track, co-written and produced by Jeremy Voltz and Oliver Charles.
    The accompanying video was directed by Jeremy Voltz, starring Gabriella Laberge.
    Jeremy Voltz said of the album, “This album represents the best experience of my life as a creator. It is so fulfilling to create art centered around play and delighting your inner-child. And having another person to do that with, someone you trust and has that same sense of play… I am eternally grateful that I met Oliver and have him in my life.”
    He continued, “Running Away's themes are centered around exploring both courage and vulnerability, both in yourself and in your relationships. I've realized that there are many different sides to me as an artist, and that's ok. Exploring things is what we do, and we have to allow ourselves to explore and worry a lot less about how it will be perceived by others.”
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    Jeremy Voltz explained about some tracks for the album.

    “Running Away”
    “When my collaborator, Oliver Charles, and I first got into the studio together, we both wanted to create something exciting and almost beyond us, like a soundtrack for an epic action movie that doesn't exist yet. We came up with what I like to call 'battle songs for the empathetic.' Electronic singer-songwriter rock that hits hard yet still feels vulnerable.
    The album's title track is a portrait of someone I knew. She felt so trapped in her life, and we recognized that in each other. It's all we really had in common. Running away was her fantasy, it kept her going. From her parents, her life, everything. She just had to get out. And I felt that too. I think we all do sometimes.
    Because I had such a stake in the song emotionally, I've always wanted to create a short film which tells the story of this song.”

  • “Baby This Is Worth It”
    “This song came from that difficult space when you believe in a relationship so much, but your partner has one foot out.
    You're desperate to convince them that the relationship is worth fighting for. I've had my share of feeling that way.
    'Baby This is Worth It' is made up of intimate verses on guitar juxtaposed with an outpouring of vulnerability carried by big, epic drums, strings, and dark harmonies.
    My collaborator, Oliver Charles, and I wanted this song's chorus to feel like an explosion.
    "Let's just ride into the sunset, leave it all behind and take a chance, I swear that this is worth it" is the line where I really feel the emotion of this song. When I was in the studio with Oliver singing it, I could feel just how raw this performance is.”

    “My dark and otherworldly new song is about the courage to leave your old life behind and trust the process, believing that great things will happen out of sheer force of will. Past mistakes and road blocks can't strip away the beauty and majesty of self-determination and belief in oneself. Your journey is your own, and it's up to each of us to find and hold on to the magic and miracles within our story.”

    “The music told my collaborator, Oliver Charles, and I what this song is about. It's called 'Superhero,' and is taken from Running Away. 'Superhero' considers that maybe deep down you have a secret super power you haven't unlocked yet, and you just need to try. And that trying is the part that makes you a superhero. To show up for yourself and bring it. That's what the music was saying to us.
    We came up with the groove and the melody for this song first, and it just felt so badass and confident. Not in your face bravado, but like a quiet, internal confidence. I was so happy when I came up with the line, 'Maybe I could rule down under the sea, maybe I am alien royalty.'”
    When I first said it out loud to Oliver, he hated it, haha. He was like, 'You can't say 'alien royalty' in a song!' But I knew it was gold, so I pushed it, and eventually he grew to love it. It made me realize how many superheroes are alien royalty: Thor, Wonder Woman,'s a pretty common backstory. As you listen to 'Superhero,' I want you to feel inspired to develop a curiosity about your inner strength. This song calls for you to have the courage to show up for yourself.”

    “I think we've all felt the need to get off the couch, stop binging House of Dragons, and go have a real, tangible adventure with the people who are important to us.
    'Sunrise,' was borne out of that desire for a romantic getaway. My wife, Amie and I even had a 'life imitates art' moment when we got up at 5:45am to watch the sunrise as we shot the accompanying video for this song.
    A lot of times I think I'm writing songs for other people to connect with, but this song also helped me go seek out and enjoy experiences with Amie.
    This was the only song on my album, Running Away , which wasn't created in Montreal, where my collaborator Oliver Charles is based.
    For 'Sunrise,' he packed up all his gear and came and stayed in my Toronto basement studio for a few weeks. This change in process created the 'outlier' on the album, allowing Oliver to give the song a vacation vibe!
    On the last day of our vacation, Amie and I decided to go have fun, do stupid stuff and capture it, not really thinking any of the footage would be interesting or usable but we figured 'what the hell.'
    But after we returned home, I started looking at what we shot and what emerged was just a really honest love story between my wife and I.
    I'm so glad we decided to capture some really nice moments of us enjoying each other so much.”
  • source : Apple Music
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