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  • Lauryn Macfarlane Returns With New Song “Dive”

  • Canadian alt-pop singer-songwriter Lauryn Macfarlane returned with a new song “Dive” on September 21, 2023.

    The song is her first music in two years since the 2021 single “Nowhere Town”.
    The track was written by Jason Kellner, Lauryn Macfarlane, and Matt Spatola. Produced by Jason Kellner.
    Lauryn Macfarlane had the opportunity to go to Los Angeles and work with producer Jason Kellner in 2022. The song came out of those sessions.
    “My new song, 'Dive,' was written right as I was falling madly in love,” Lauryn Macfarlane said of the song, “I had been in love before, but this one was something different. The immediate kind where it almost didn't seem real. As someone with a history of being the one to walk away from relationships, I wanted to give this person my absolute everything. At the same time, I was scared of how perfect it was. Scared that somehow I would mess it up.”
  • She continued, “I knew that by fully committing and not falling into my old habits, I was allowing myself to be vulnerable enough to have my heart broken, but that's something worth having if it means I truly get to love.”
    She explained about her writing process, “Normally when I write, I work alone. It's just me and the song until I have it to a point where I feel it's strong enough to show someone. This was the first time a producer has given me an instrumental to write to with free reign on melody and lyrics. When Jason Kellner showed me the bones of the instrumental, I knew I wanted to create something fun yet vulnerable about really allowing yourself to 'Dive' into a relationship with your full heart, even though you know you could very well be crushed by the wave.”

  • She added, “This is a new way of collaborating for me and something I am definitely open to doing again in the future. Working on this song was also very liberating in the sense that I wasn't tied down to an instrument when writing. I moved around my apartment a lot, dancing and strutting about for inspiration. It helped me visualize what performing it live would sound/look like. I am VERY excited for future shows where I get to step out in front of the guitar!”

    Photo by Hailey Voorand
  • source : Apple Music
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