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  • Roger Eno Announces New Album “The skies, they shift like chords…”, Shares New Song “Strangely, I dreamt” with Cecily Eno, Scoring Berlin & Christian Badzura

  • British ambient music composer Roger Eno, who is better known as the brother of Brian Eno, announced a new album “The skies, they shift like chords…” will be released on October 13, 2023.

    It is his second solo album under his new label Deutsche Grammophon, following the 2022 album “The Turning Year”.
    The album comprises 12-track and features piano solo compositions alongside multi-instrumental pieces and flickers of electronic music.
    Roger Eno said of the album, “I think of music in visual terms. Perhaps here the chords could be the earth, the melody the trees rising above ground, and the atmosphere of floating guitar could be the sky. These three elements are different but interconnected.”
    He comtinued, “Most of my pieces are snapshots of things that were experienced in the moment,” says Eno. “How do you describe the world unless it's in an instant? You can't fix anything because everything is in flux, it's changing and mutable.”
  • He added, “The overall mood is one of transience. There are lots of gaps, silent pauses, throughout the album, which are a really important part of it. When a track finishes, you're still 'there' in the music, and unless the next one comes in at just the right moment, something's going to jangle with either or both of them. The composing part is only one part of the process – these other, constructive details are very important.”
    From the album, he unveiled a new song “Strangely, I dreamt” on August 25, 2023.
    The track was co-written and sung by Eno's eldest daughter, vocalist, and visual artist Cecily Eno.
    Also German Orchestra Scoring Berlin and Berlin-based producer Christian Badzura joined in the song.
    Its lyrics began life as part of a poem by one of her father's friends, but Cecily Eno adapted them to include “The skies, they shift like chords”, a line that invites us to contemplate the nature of impermanence.

  • Photo by Cecily Eno
  • source : Apple Music
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