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  • Nick Carter Drops New Music Video for “Superman”

  • American singer-songwriter and Backstreet Boys' member Nick Carter has dropped a new music video for “Superman” directed by Danny Roew.

    The song was released on August 18, 2023, following “Hurts to Love You”, which paid tribute to his late brother Aaron.
    The track was written by Nickolas Gene Carter, Edward Carl Martin, Vincent Anthony Venditto, Abraham Poythress, Adrian Porter, John Christian Frasca, and Vic Martin.
    Produced by Abraham Poythress, Vinny Venditto, Vic 'BillboardKiller' Martin and Let Mii Rok Out.
    Nick Carter said of the song, “There are many things that I have been in my life, but I’ve never thought of myself as anyone’s superhero - I’m just a normal guy. Since having a family at home, I’ve realized that being a superhero (or a Superman) can mean something different and as much as I love performing, coming home and 'taking off the cape' is a part of who I am.”
    He continued, “I hope people listen to Superman with an open heart and mind, and find a way to relate to it in their own personal journey. Regardless of what life throws at us, we live among superheroes everyday - and maybe sometimes it can even be yourself.”
  • Nick Carter told Entertainment Tonight about the song, “I've been in the Backstreet Boys for the past 30 years, and when I get onstage I am this persona onstage, so to speak. It's almost like I'm putting on a costume. But when I'm home, I'm just a normal guy. I have a family, three kids and I'm just Dad back at home. So, in a lot of ways -- I'm not saying at all that I'm Superman -- it's just saying that Superman puts on a cape and a costume and goes on and does what he does. But for me, I'm kinda like Clark Kent just back at home. So, in some ways, that's what it means to me. And then, also, a lot of people can take 'Superman' the song and listen to it and maybe they can relate to it in some way.”
  • source : Apple Music
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