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  • Tom Speight Releases New Album “Love & Light”

  • London-based singer-songwriter Tom Speight released his third studio album “Love & Light” on August 11, 2023 via Nettwerk.

    It is his first album in two years since the 2021 album “Everything's Waiting for You”.
    The album comprises 12-track, with a guest appearance from Lydia Clowes. Produced by Carey Willetts, Rich Turvey and Tom Speight.
    Tom Speight said ofthe album, “I’ve touched on things in this record that I’ve never spoken about before; it’s, without doubt, my most personal to date. I wanted each track to be like a letter to someone. Sometimes, it’s hard to say how you feel about things in real life. I always find my songwriting the best way to tell people how I feel about them.”
    Tom Speight is also an ambassador for Crohn’s & Colitis UK. Since 2016 he has lived with Chron’s disease and embraced life with a stoma since 2012.
  • Tom Speight explained about some tracks for the album.

    “Trick of the Light”
    “‘Trick of the Light’ was one of the quickest songs I’ve ever written. Co-written with Matt Hales (Aqualung, Lianne La Havas) we had a burst of inspiration after I came up with the guitar riff. It’s a song about the initial meeting of someone when they seem out of this world… the feeling of, is this person even real? Sonically inspired by War On Drugs & Springsteen with the Synths & Wall of Sound approach. I think it’s going to be a huge live song for me.”

    “The One”
    “Made up you liked the video..we had so much fun making it in Northern Ireland. It’s the best video I’ve done!!”

    “Let Go”
    “'Let Go' is like the follow-up phone call to my previous single 'The One'. It follows the thread of getting over someone… It deals with the angst and heartbreak.”

  • “If This Is How the Story Ends”
    “'If This Is How The Story Ends' tackles my parent’s divorce & realisation that some things aren’t always meant to be but having the hope/love that you can keep things together. It was inspired by acts like Sufjan Stevens & Jose Gonzalez with its intimate acoustic nature. It tackles my parent's divorce & realisation that some things aren't always meant to be, but having the hope/love that you can keep things together. It's one of the saddest songs I've ever written.”

    “Love & Light”
    “'Love & Light' is a song about my sister. My sister is called Catherine, she's Cathy in the song. I wanted to write a kind of personal song for her. She's been through a lot, she's an amazing mother and I wanted to write her a song to show kind of my love for her really and it's also the title of the album and it's also inspired by Dan Baldwin's artwork which is the cover of the album. So it feels like a very important song for me for this record. The song is about my sister but it’s also about strength & hope.”

    “'Tomorrow' is a special song for me. It was inspired by several things… personally, for me, it’s about my health! The hope things will get better. I've had Crohn's disease for the last 15 years. This song is about letting the uncertainty of my condition define me, it's about embracing that you may not know what tomorrow holds but that's what makes it beautiful. It's about having the hope that tomorrow will bring you something special.”

    '“Aftermath” with Lydia Clowes
    “One of my favourite songs from the new album is out!!! ‘Aftermath’ featuring beautiful vocals by Lydia Clowes. It’s probably one of the saddest songs on the album but we had so much fun making it! Notable shout outs co-written with Turin Brakes, Rich Turvey on production, Tommy Ashby, Olly Knights on bv’s. I hope you love it 💝”
  • source : Apple Music
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