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  • Alex Exists Releases New Song “Mindful Madness” featuring Martha Johnson from Debut Album “Everybody's Famous”

  • Canadian rock band The Nursery's frontman and singer-songwriter Alex Exists released his debut solo album “Everybody's Famous” on June 16, 2023.

    The album comprises 8-track, featuring guest appearances from Sam Casey, Martha Johnson, and AARYS.
    Alex Exists said of the album, “Everybody's Famous is a unique set of stories about the complex and often absurd nature of human behaviour, and the need to express our truth and full potential. The tension between these themes fuels the energy and vibe of the album, which blends rebellious, grungy, glammy, punky, and psychedelic sounds. The satirical lyrics and energizing beats create a sound that's both passionate and uplifting. With this album, I aim to inspire listeners to navigate the complex social dynamics that shape our lives, and to never stop striving for something better. The message is clear: we have the power to change what we don't like and the obligation to improve life for each other or else risk being trapped in the warped reality that these songs illustrate. Everybody's Famous is a must-listen for anyone who craves music that's both powerful, fun and thought-provoking.”
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    From the album, he released a new song “Mindful Madness” on June 16, 2023.
    He teamed up with Canadian rock singer Martha Johnson on the track.
    The track was written and produced by Alex Exists with production by Michael Fong.
    The accompanying music visualizer was directed by Agata Waclawska.
    Alex Exists said of the song, “I wrote this song in the heat of worldwide lockdowns as I battled a slow burning mental breakdown. Everyday I was questioning reality and the constant contradictions. This song was the catharsis of all my mental health revelations and desire for clarity. I wanted to create something that encouraged embracing individuality, questioning the status quo, and finding solace in the chaos of life. Most importantly how to recognize and take control of your own madness. It was really amazing and humbling to have Martha Johnson from Martha and the Muffins sing on this track with me. We hope you like it!”

  • Alex Exists explained some tracks for the album.

    “Believe The Hype” featuring Sam Casey
    “[This is] a cautionary tale about the dangers of blindly accepting popular beliefs and trends without questioning their validity. It satirizes the modern-day hype machine and surrounding trends as entirely fabricated. It reveals how your beliefs can be subverted into blindly following the crowd, such as developing unhealthy habits or even falling victim to scams or hoaxes. The song is a defiant anthem about the importance of being skeptical and critical in an age where information and opinions can be easily manipulated and distorted. The experience really shook me. It made me solidify the need to express the anger of inauthenticity in general. That, and of the never-ending cavalcade of fear-based nonsense spewed from mainstream news and TV.”

    “With A Bang”
    “Realizing the absurdity of their own behaviour, and the emptiness of celebrating an ending purely for its own sake. Overall, With A Bang is booty-shakin’, gothic western twang tune that satirizes the tendency to glamorize endings instead of what may be a somber or reflective moment. It serves as a reminder to approach endings with humility and sincerity.”

    “Dancing With Chaos”
    “It’s an ode to confronting chaos head on, and having fun with it, instead of running for the hills. It’s a mesmerizing mellotron-driven dirge that paints a vivid pastiche of urban life, and the otherworldliness that lies underneath the facade. Much like the tone and humour in that John Carpenter classic movie, They Live.”

    Background photo by James Heaslip
  • source : Apple Music
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