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  • Catie Turner Releases New Song “Comedy & Tragedy” from New EP “Comedy & Tragedy: Act 1”

  • American singer-songwriter Catie Turner released a new song “Comedy & Tragedy” along with a music video on June 9, 2023.

    The song is featured on her new EP “Comedy & Tragedy: Act 1”.
    The song pays tribute to her father, who died of cancer in July 2022.
    The track was written by Catie Turner, and Jonny Shorr who also produced it.
    Catie Turner shared on social media, “I wrote “comedy & tragedy” with Jonny (a forever friend and honorary brother) the day my dad started chemo in January 2022. Fast forward to July, we were adding harmonies to the second chorus when I got the call informing me chemo has failed and he was entering hospice. Jonny and this song have seen me through my lowest moments, and I'm eternally grateful that my voice got to be heard when I was hell bent on tuning the entire world out. Dear dad, you always wanted a song written about you. I'm just sorry it has to be this. I love u all.”
  • The EP comprises 6-track, produced by Jonny Shorr, Ruslan Lov and Ruslin Odnoralov.
    She plans to release two EPs this year. The EP is the first part of her two EPs.
    Catie Turner told Lower Bucks Times about the EP, “It (Comedy & Tragedy) became the basis of not only the whole EP, but the best description of my identity as an artist. When I wrote that song, it perfectly wrapped it up in a bow of, 'Oh, I'm two parts. There's comedy and then there's tragedy, and that's just me as a person.' So that's what the EP is about. I just wanted to give people a better understanding of who I am as a person.”

  • Catie Turner explained about some tracks for the EP.

    “To be quite frank, this song came from me being depressed and oh-so-high (if there are children reading this, I was high on life and introspection). I often times feel too much, and even more so I fear being 'too much'; I want to be easy. The one who only elicits pleasant feelings. Unfortunately, there is no rule book that can teach you how to be easy 100% of the time: it doesn't exist. I hope you like it, and cue the laugh track, find it EASY to listen to.”

    “God Must Hate Me”
    “'God must hate me' may be, in my opinion, the most vulnerable song ive released yet - which is scary yet exhilarating all at the same time. Some may roll their eyes at the melodramatic title, and believe me, when I'm in a good headspace I can laugh at myself too, but "God Must Hate Me" is about those times where the feelings are so omnipotent, you really start to believe it. That you were made wrong. That you're not good enough. And, that maybe, a higher power being angry with you is a pill easier to swallow than personal responsibility.”

    “'Hyperfixations,' for me, is a normal therapy session. Semi-concerning lyrics, but with a beat that says, 'Hey, she's kind of doing something!' It's about living inside my head to the point it affects my ability to love and to perceive love; it affects my ability to perceive life. I really hope you enjoy it, whether as a down-to-enjoy-some-chaos type of person or a fellow neurodivergent over-thinker.”

    “'Hometown' is about when you feel unsafe and unfamiliar in what is supposed to be the most familiar place in the world. All because of a failed relationship. The fear of them seeing you, and you seeing them, so you hide out in your bedroom. This goes out to everyone who has worn their hood up on an outing to WaWa or refused to go to Trader Joe's because they didn't want to run into their ex's mom!”
  • source : Apple Music
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