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  • Clare Siobhan Releases New Song “Flare”

  • Canadian singer-songwriter Clare Siobhan released the first single of 2023 called “Flare” on May 19, 2023.

    The song captures the complexities of navigating through life's challenges.
    It was written by Clare Maguire and produced by Erin Costelo.
    After receiving some unexpected and scary news, she wrote most of the lyrics for the song on the drive home, taking voice memos in between tears. It was a few weeks later when she finally wrote the last part of the song, the U-turn where she was able to find joy when there's big changes happening in life.
    “Every now and then, you need a good cry to feel better. And that's exactly what I did on the drive home from Halifax to Sackville, NB, after receiving some devastating news,” Clare Siobhan explained. “I was looking for a sign that everything would be okay, and I looked out the window at the tree in my backyard. It's always been there, but now I thought about how it moves through seasons, enduring harsh winters every year before it becomes a brand new version of itself in the spring. It reminded me that life goes on. There's a comfort to this inevitability of change, and how it repeats and renews without fail.”
  • She continued, “Just like the inevitable cycle of the seasons, 'Flare' went through a transformation as well. The first iteration of it was quite the downer, but the real metaphor came to fruition when I heard the studio version, produced by Erin Costelo. Sometimes we are hesitant to share our hurt with others, but when we share our pain with friends, they help lessen the burden. Erin had come up with this arrangement that took the song from something so urgent and painful to something lush, and gentle, and kind.”
    She added, “For every hard experience in life, there's always something that can be gained, and there's always a little joy or laughter that can be found. That doesn't mean the experience isn't hard, it just means that joy is still alive and well, whenever you're ready to go and find it.”
  • source : Apple Music
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