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  • The Gulps Premieres New Song “Surrender” on BBC Radio 6

  • Camden-based rock band The Gulps, consisting of Javier Sola (vocals) and Juan Carlos Ruiz (guitar), Simon Mouchard (bass), Francesco Antonio Buffone (rhythm guitar) and Raoul Khayat (drums), premiered a new song “Surrender” on BBC Radio 6 Music with Chris Hawkins.

    The band recorded the song at Livingston Studios in London with producer Tim Wheele.
    The song is their third single, following “Mirror Mirror” released back in January and the 2022 debut song “Candy”.
    The band frontman Javier Sola said of the song, “A moment of uncertainty and internal rebellion in which resistance to the present moment, to the now, no longer makes sense. The only thing left is to join eternity, an infinite youth that knows no quantifiable age. Like the Steppenwolf we live in an internal battle in which we neither win nor lose, we only suffer until the moment we accept it and let the current carry us gently into the portal of not perishing. In the midst of the storm the surrender to the present without resistance leads to eternal youth, a youth that disregards quantifiable age in material form but rather the spirit that never perishes, eternity. We are made of light and darkness, of mud and diamonds, of laughter and tears. Accept them, surrender without resistance and fly free.”
  • Photo by Rosco Reckless
  • source : BBC Radio 6
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