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  • Maisie Peters Releases New Song “Lost The Breakup”

  • British singer-songwriter Maisie Peters released a new song “Lost The Breakup” on March 31, 2023.

    The song is the second single off of her upcoming sophomore album “The Good Witch”, which is set to be released on June 16, 2023.
    It was written by Maisie Peters, and Oscar Görres who also produced the track.
    “Written in stockholm with Oscar Görres, one of my most favourites on this album. also I think a defining song of this record and era of my life,” Maisie Peters said of the song. “I’ve said a lot about this already, but I do just truly think it is world changing and I’m not even really joking. the spirit of this song, the feelings I put into it, the joy and heart and sadness and love is just so so present to me when I listen, it sounds exactly how it feels. I had the lyric idea for losing the breakup for ages just sat in my notes app, and then that morning I went into the studio w oscar, which was also the penultimate session in stockholm for the album before I went home, the whole song came so easy it was like i’d already written it in my head. the next day we did the middle 8 and i just knew it was special because I loved it so so much; it’s funny but i kind of feel like a lot of things that happened last year were worth it because it meant i got to write this song, and sing it forever. Lost the breakup is petty but at least she knows it - she’s hurt and bitter and a little crazy, and while she knows she’ll get over it, she just isn’t over it quite yet.”
    She has already filmed a music video for the song in Tokyo, Japan, which is coming soon.
  • The new album comprises 15-track, produced by Oscar Görres, Two Inch Punch, Matias Tellez, Brad Ellis, Joe Rubel and Elvira Anderfjärd.
    She created the album across London, Suffolk, Stockholm, Bergen and Los Angels.
    Maisie Peters said of the album, “This is my heart and soul, my blood on the page, the collection of stories that I've managed to capture in the past year. A true chronicle of my life in recent history, it is my own twisted version of a breakup album and it all draws upon the same couple of months' worth of experiences and inspirations. It ducks and weaves between the real and surreal, and centres my own universe, of which I am of course the keeper of the keys and the holder of the cards – the good witch, if you will. It goes from light to dark in the flip of a switch and I hope takes you on a journey whereby the end you feel like you've gotten lost in someone else's planet for a bit.”

  • Maisie Peters shared on social media, “i spent most of last year either on stage singing my lungs out for u, or in the studio, furiously documenting everything i was going through. there was this current flowing through the writing of these songs, where i felt like i stepped into this power, this control - the universe shifted, and i was steering this ship of something bigger than me. i was the holder of the cards, the puller of the strings; heartbreak i was going through became something i could wield and use as i saw fit, transforming something painful into something raw and special and magic.”
    She continued, “these songs feel like spells, some of them manifestations, some of them hexes and curses and charms of protection for myself and my friends - it's my pen, my book, and you are all my coven. this album contains my great, my bad, my ugly; it is the truest reflection of my life this past year, and i hope you see that. the good witch era begins.”

    Photo by Alice Moitié
  • source : Apple Music
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