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  • Jade LeMac Releases Debut EP “Constellations”: Streaming

  • Vancouver-based singer-songwriter Jade LeMac released her debut EP “Constellations” on February 10, 2023 via Arista Records.

    The EP comprises 7-track, produced by Jason “JVP” Van Poederooyen, and is exploring themes of heartbreak, introspection, vulnerability, and resilience.
    Jade LeMac said of the EP, “I’m very excited to be releasing my first EP. It’s named after ‘Constellations,’ the first song I had released. It’s the song that started this whole journey and I wouldn’t be here without it. I have learned so much about myself, my song writing, and storytelling through this EP. The process has made me explore my own creativity and imagination, and brought me to these places and stories that never would have existed if I hadn’t written it. Overall, I’m hyped about being able to share this first piece of me. It’s the beginning of a new chapter in my own story, and I can’t wait for what’s to come and to continue doing what I love.”
  • Jade LeMac explained track-by-track for the EP via Apple Music.

    “Car Accident”
    “This song is completely fictional. I just thought of the concept of crashing a car and thought, ‘That’s cool, that’s different!’ And then I started to imagine a whole story in my head. It’s about a couple where one partner gets cheated on and the other person cheats, and I challenged myself to see if I could switch perspectives in the second half of the song and write from the cheater’s point of view.”

    “This song means so much to me, just because it’s what got me where I am today. I’ve always had a thing for the sky, the moon, the sun, the stars, and constellations—I think that’s where the ‘constellations’ idea came from in my head, and that led to a whole metaphor with freckles on a body. It’s definitely a PG-13-rated song!”

    “Meet You in Hell”
    “I’ve always loved hard-hitting drums and hard-hitting choruses, and that had a big influence on this song. This one started with the title, and I kind of just went from there and imagined the story. I’m the type of person who never wants to be stuck in one genre. If something feels right with a song, then that’s what I’m gonna go with, and that’s what happened here.”

  • “Same Place”
    “I wrote this song about somebody I love very much. She and I were in a relationship at the time, and I was just very grateful for her, and I wanted to show my appreciation to her, and writing songs is my way of doing so.”

    “Aimed to Kill”
    “I had the lyric ‘diamond hands’ in my pocket for a while—I didn’t know where to go with it, but I knew I wanted to use it in some way. I hopped on the piano one day, and usually I just jam out with random chords and let things come out of my mouth naturally. And ‘Aimed to Kill’ came out right after I mentioned ‘diamond hands,’ and it all fit together really well. That’s when the door opened to writing about different things other than just classic lovey/heartbreak kind of things.”

    “There’s People Watching”
    “When I was writing this, I was thinking about being hidden in general, but that idea could be applied to LGBTQ people as well because it can be hard to come out sometimes. There’s definitely a contrast between the lyrics and the production, but I think that’s what makes the song unique and cool.”

    “Let Me”
    “This song holds a special place in my heart—there’s something about when the beat hits in the chorus that I love so much. I think the message is very special, too. I wrote it about the same person that I wrote ‘Same Place’ about. I think anybody can relate to it because everybody has struggles, and it’s OK to know that you’re not alone.”

    Photo by Zachary Vague
  • source : Apple Music
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