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  • Hanne Mjøen Releases New EP “Fall in Love / Apart”: Streaming

  • Norwegian alt-pop singer-songwriter Hanne Mjøen has released a new EP “Fall in Love / Apart”.

    It is he first project in a year since the 2021 EP “Emotional Fever”.
    The EP comprises 5-track, featuring guest appearance from Canadian singer-songwriter Ryland James.
    Produced by Felix Svedestig Göthesson, Hampus Lindvall, Sebastian Aasen and Sondre Mjåland.
    On the album, Hanne Mjøen describes the stages and struggles you go through being in a relationship.
    This is her journey to find the strength to say it as it is, after keeping the truth from herself for so long.
  • Hanne Mjøen explained track-by-track for the EP.

    “Fall Apart”
    “I've been scared to fall in love for as long as I can remember. For me it feels like I lose myself focusing only on somebody else, and falling in love feels like falling apart. In both good and bad ways.”

    “Hard to Love” with Ryland James
    “Hard To Love tells the tale of being a complex person. Everyone has bad sides and struggles and through the lyrics I wanted to put mine on the table, letting the one you love know that if you want a love of eternal sunshine, I'll give you the opposite. I'll make it hard for you to love me cause unfortunately I'm not a perfect person either.”

    “Bad For My Health”
    “Sometimes I think love is bad for me, and in some ways it is, because it isn't always good and we're not always good for each other. We do toxic things and we have our selfish moments. 'You're bad for my health but you're good for my heart' is my way of describing the ups and downs of a relationship when you're too honest with each other, fighting over stuff that don't really matter, not knowing if you should take a break or break up, but because it feels so good when it's good, you keep trying.”

  • “I Never Told You”
    “There's so many things you never tell and keep inside, hiding hard feelings to seem stronger than you are. This song is about not wanting people to see you in your weak and darker moments, but also acknowledging them. I don't want to burden you with my shade, and I won't let you carry me, cause what if you can't take it? What if this destroys your image of me, and you start to pity me? I don't want that. I wrote this song thinking of my mom and all the things I never tell her, cause I want to be the strong and independent person she sees me as.”

    “'Distant' is describing the desperation you feel when people can't see what you're trying to tell them. When I'm not seen and read right I start distancing myself from them. Talking about how I feel don't come natural to me, instead I start acting out to get a confrontation, forcing myself to speak about my emotions to defend my actions. It's a bad way of handling things, but in my head it makes more sense to burn bridges than to try fix them.”

    Photo by Sondre Mjåland
  • source : Apple Music
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