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  • Charlotte Plank Releases New Song “Lost Boys”

  • British singer-songwriter Charlotte Plank has released a new song “Lost Boys” via Black Butter Records.

    The song received its first play during BBC Radio 1 Future Pop with Maia Beth.
    The track is the follow-up to the debut song “Hate Me”, which was released back in August.
    It was written by Charlotte Plank, Matt Wills and Christopher Wood. Produced by Matt Wills and Christopher Wood.
    Charlotte Plank shared on social media, “I wrote this tune earlier this year with Matt Wills, Christopher Wood, it was inspired by various people I knew/situations I had been part of and observed. Surrounding the difficulties for young guys/young people in general of a certain age who are navigating their way, finding out who they are through some of the best but most turbulent years of their lives.”
  • She continued, “Highlighting in particular issues with trying too hard to be something you're not/feeling lost with who you are- and trying to fill those feelings with temporary quick fixes. However these things usually wont solve those issues. It's personal to me in the sense that I have a habit of trying to fix people and been burnt by it. Hence the lyrics 'lost boys lost boys, you're never gonna help them'. Translating to fact you're never gonna be able to help someone out of something if they aren't ready to come to the realisation/help themselves.”
  • source : Apple Music
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