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  • Kim Petras Releases New Song “If Jesus Was A Rockstar”

  • Back in September, Los Angeles-based German singer-songwriter Kim Petras joined in British singer-songwriter Sam Smith's new song “Unholy”.

    The song reached NO. 1 on the US Billboard Hot 100 and the UK Singles chart.
    Following the song, she released her long-awaited new song “If Jesus Was A Rockstar” on November 10, 2022.
    The track was written by Kim Petras, Ilya Salmanzadeh, Savan Kotecha, Max Martin, Omer Fedi, and Peter Svensson.
    Produced by Max Martin, ILYA, and Omer Fedi.
    Kim Petras told Billboard about the song, “It’s the first song I’ve ever written with Pop Jesus — Max Martin — which is such a life goal for me. He’s someone I’ve truly looked up to my entire life. Max and Savan [Kotecha] helped make this such a special song.”
  • She continued, “I just had to dig really deep for this. For me, religion and spirituality is such an intense topic, because I grew up trans, not fitting into any religion. All of my friends were pretty religious, and I kind of just wanted to write this song about how I wish religion would include me — and how it doesn’t, and how a lot of my friends in the LGBTQ community are forced to feel this way. That’s why I always looked for spirituality elsewhere. That’s why I loved music, because it gave me a similar sort of sensation, and gave me a place I belonged. So yeah, the song kinda says maybe if religion was cooler, then I would wanna be a part of it. So, if Jesus was a rockstar, maybe I’d want to be just like him.”
    She added, “It’s a pretty deep song for me, which is nerve-wracking — especially when I performed it at TwitchCon! I only make gay club songs, and I love doing that, because the gay clubs raised me, and they’re in me forever. But when everyone got their glow sticks out for that second chorus, it was crazy. It’s a big departure for me — it’s a brand new chapter!”

  • Photo by Jason Al-Taan
  • source : Apple Music
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