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  • Lyle Kam Releases New EP “blurry eyed”: Streaming

  • Toronto-based singer-songwriter Lyle Kam released a new EP “blurry eyed” on November 4, 2022.

    It is his first project in a year since the 2021 EP “Folly”.
    The EP comprises 7-track, written and produced by Lyle Kam.
    Lyle Kam said of the EP, “I like to think of this EP as a collection of all my thoughts and emotions at a time when I was still figuring myself out and what I wanted. To have a crush, fall in love, and have it fall apart, while learning about the responsibilities of being an adult.”
    He continued, “I hope people who are going through something similar, whether it's struggling with their passions, struggling with telling the one they love that they love them, and everything in between, can relate. It's okay to feel this way and it's all a part of growing up.”
    He added, “This project will forever be a time capsule of my life when things were just a bit blurry; uncertain.”
  • He shared on social media, “i started this project with a single song unsure where i would go with it but this past year has been such a rollercoaster and i ended up getting more inspired than ever before! and with the help of some friends i made what i think is my most 'me' piece of work of i've ever made to date! this is 'blurry eyed' and it's about feeling your way through the uncertainty of life. it's yours now and i hope you love it! 💙”

    Lyle Kam explained of some tracks for the EP.

    “isn't it funny”
    “This sentimental and mellow song was the outcome of conflicting feelings I had with being a musician: having to travel but also the anxiety of traveling alone, and unraveling the reasons and meaning behind that apparent dichotomy.
    Making this song, I wanted it to feel really air-y and dreamlike, similar to how you would imagine it feels being on a plane since a big motif of the song was the idea of having to constantly be traveling. So I played around with different elements to really give that feeling of elevation. Still, I made sure to have the emotional aspect of the song come through since this song, at the heart of it, is about not being able to see someone that you miss.”

  • “somebody to you”
    “this song has been a year in the making and i'm so glad i can finally share it with you!! this one is super personal to me and i hope you love it as much as i do!”

    “Daily texts become weekly questions and it makes you wonder if you're the problem. "tokyo" is a song that was the result of that overthinking, trying to figure out what it would take to make everything go back to normal.
    While making this song, I placed a heavy emphasis on Tokyo, even naming the song after the city. And so, to build that imagery, as well as convey a feeling of nostalgia, I added elements reminiscent of Japanese city pop. I wanted the song to feel warm but also vibrant and lively, so I added several retro synths, and also a Japanese wood block sound to encapsulate that vision.”

    “what if i had told you”
    “This song really taught me to go after and fight for the things you want before it's too late. You can't guarantee that someone who has always been in your life will always be in your life. It's a general life lesson that life is too short to always be questioning yourself”.
  • source : Apple Music
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