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  • Xondra Releases Debut EP “Tedious & Brief”: Streaming

  • New York-based singer-songwriter Xondra released her much-anticipated debut EP “Tedious & Brief” on November 4, 2022.
    The EP comprises 6-track, in which she reconciles with childhood and past trauma. It's a harrowing but ultimately empowering journey.
    Xondra said of the EP, “Writing this EP helped me mourn the versions of myself I can never get back to. As a survivor, I am not the same person I was before I had certain experiences. I have had to make peace with my pain and give myself the space and time to rebuild myself from the ground up. I love who I am now. I am stronger, kinder, and more full of life now than I have ever been. Writing 'Tedious & Brief' helped me find my light again and reignite it after thinking for the longest time that it might be gone for good. I hope it can serve as a reminder to send love to all past and present versions of you. May we all continue to move forward and heal the parts of ourselves that are still hurting.”
  • She shared, “I wrote the songs for Tedious & Brief during a very low point in my life. I was grappling with memories of abuse while unknowingly in an abusive relationship. I felt stuck and heavy with the feeling that I'd never know what it is like to feel safe. I read the poetry book , 'Life Of The Party' by Olivia Gatwood and it touched me in a way no other piece of literature had before. I couldn't stop thinking about it. I couldn't sleep for weeks because every night I'd have nightmares about the senseless violence that women face everyday. I felt crushed under the weight of sadness I felt for women everywhere. Tedious & Brief is a story of survival. It is a scream of truth in a room of hushed voices. I wrote the songs with the visual in mind. This is my first body of work that I created a whole world for. I didn't write this story for myself, though I admit writing it helped save me in a way. I wrote this story for all of the people who have been hurt by the people who were supposed to love and keep you safe. I wrote this film for all the people learning to speak up even if their voice trembles. I've had this story in mind for you from the very beginning of this process.”

  • “Tedious”
    “'Tedious' is a fervent ballad about finding the strength to reclaim your time, energy and love. It is a song for the people that love so much and so hard that they sometimes forget to save some for themselves; it is for those learning to step out of survival mode and really live in the present. 'Tedious' is me putting myself first. It is me allowing myself to to walk through the hard feelings I was having and still be hopeful that good times were coming down the road for me.”

    “Inner Child”
    “'Inner Child' is about how someone can have the same experience as you and come out with a completely different perspective. In this case in particular, it's about siblings who cope differently after growing up in a toxic home environment. I have always been very reluctant to write about this kind of thing because it is so personal. 'Inner Child''is me validating what I went through, even if it's too difficult for the other people involved to do the same. We all heal at our own pace and in our own way. This is me giving myself permission to be honest about my experience and how it impacted me. I am still moving through it and granting myself grace as I continue to heal because healing is never linear.”

    “Dead Girl”
    “Violence against women has, for so much of history and to this very day, been the main plot line to so many movies, shows and podcasts. 'Dead Girl' is about how we have become so desensitized that we don't care about the safety of women. It's about the fear of being a woman/AFAB person and not knowing if danger is right around the corner. It's about never feeling safe, even around the men that you know, because all men that have hurt you have been the men closest to you. 'Dead Girl is me screaming out for someone, anyone to hear me and validate this fear that feels so lonely at times.”
  • source : Apple Music
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