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  • Band of Silver Releases New EP “Something Stronger”: Streaming

  • Nashville-based alt-pop trio Band of Silver, consisting of siblings Avery Silvernagel and her younger brothers Alex and Evan, released their new EP “Something Stronger” on September 30, 2021.

    The EP comprises 7-track, produced by Mike Green.
    “We've soft released stuff to our fans before, but this will be the first time anyone's heard what we're really capable of in the studio,” Avery Silvernagel said. “These songs are an introduction to who we really are as a band.”
    The band performs mixing hard rock grit with glossy pop shine, and Avery Silvernagel's voice is defiantly optimistic on the tunes, balancing beauty and strength in equal measure.
    The songs tackle heartbreak and disappointment with hope and perseverance, offering up timely testaments to the power of faith.
    Avery Silvernagel said, “When you're going through hard times, you've got to keep fighting. We wrote these songs to remind ourselves of that as much as anyone else.”
    She continued, “In the beginning, we'd write in the traditional Nashville way, where Alex would bring a guitar and I'd bring lyrics and we'd figure out how to put them together. With these songs, we wanted to try something different, so we decided to travel to LA to work with some amazing writers like Mike Green and Mitch Marlow, and they really broadened our horizons.”
  • Band of Silver explained of some songs for the EP.

    “Living Ghost”
    “That we wrote in 2019 with Mike Green. The song is about wanting to be seen for who you are instead of a false image that, may be you've created, maybe somebody has created. I don't remember exactly what inspired me to write that topic, but I do distinctly remember it came to me while I was watching 'Demon Slyer' for some reason. That topic is not actually what inspired the song, though.It was the riff that you hear Alex plying throughout the song. Onece I hear the track, I felt like, 'Hey, I have these lyrics that would kind of work with this tune and that's how it came together.”

    “Maybe Next Time”
    “'Maybe Next Time' is about the struggle of making friends. It's about feeling alone while surrounded by people and the stress of sparking up a conversation. Even when you feel everything went well, you sometimes leave feeling just as lonely as when you came.”

  • “Machine”
    “'Machine' is about the feeling of losing your autonomy and your body and mind becoming disconnected. I wrote the song after being diagnosed with pituitary failure. I was told I would be dependent on hormones and drugs for the rest of my life. The experience made me realize how many tasks my body performed subconsciously that I took for granted. The thought that I would never have control over these functions again made me feel powerless, like I had lost a part of myself I never knew existed or could be taken away. I felt like my soul was trapped in a machine that constantly needed fuel and repairs in order to function.”

    “Prim and Proper”
    “'Prim and Proper' is a song that we wrote back in 2020 with Mike Green. He thought it would be a good idea to add some new types of songs to our catalog like a shuffle song. So obviously the first one that we wrote was an experimental 7/8 to 12/16 time song since we didn't have one of those. But that's for the next release. When I first heard Alex's guitar riff on this, I thought it sounded a bit like a violin. It made me think of sitting in a castle and having a nice cup of tea. Obviously my first thought is 'If we did a music video for this... I could be a lolita anime girl, bam 'Prim and Proper'. The lyrics are about cutting toxic relationships out of your life like any one who disses your dream of being a cute anime girl or says 'Pocket Frogs' is not real game.”

    Photo by Lindsey Byrnes
  • source : Apple Music
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