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  • Sufferin Mall Releases New Song “Crushed”

  • Toronto-based singer-songwriter Yoyo Comay's solo project Sufferin Mall released a new song “Crushed” on September 1, 2022.
    The song is the second single off of his upcoming debut EP of the same name, following “The Chase” released last month.
    The track was written by Joachim Comay-Newman, Sacha Katz and Sufferin Mall/Zookids.
    “It is a space for me to explore the relationship between desire and suffering,” Sufferin Mall said of the song. “With this new song, I wanted the chorus of the song to be really blown out and exaggerated, so that when it hits, the listener feels crushed – like a car crashing into the wall of sound and being totally crumpled.”
    He explained of the sound, “Crushed” also refers to the bit-crusher effect that’s used to degrade audio quality, which is something I used on the sparkly acoustic guitars that play throughout the song. The chorus itself is full of massive electric guitars and booming 808s, which just adds to the sense of force.”
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    He continued, “I like it because it combines this sweet sentiment of having a crush on someone with this violent imagery. I think the song itself does a good job of encapsulating this combination of sweet and sour, with its poppy melody and bright production juxtaposed against a kind of whiny and abrasive vocal tone, and very distorted electric guitars.”
    The single cover art is inspired by the 1996 film “Crash” directed by David Cronenberg.
    He said, “The artwork is partly inspired by the movie Crash, based on the JG Ballard novel about people who find car crashes erotic. In the Sufferin Mall world as a whole, I’m always playing and drawing attention to these conjunctions of pleasure and pain, and how they mix with our desire.”
    The debut EP is set to be released on September 29, 2022.

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    Photo by Kirk Lisaj
  • source : Apple Music
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