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  • Yuna Releases New EP “Y4”: Streaming

  • Malaysian singer-songwriter Yuna released a new EP “Y4” along with a new music video for “Fool 4 U” on September 2, 2022.

    The EP is the fourth part of her upcoming fifth studio album “Y5” and comprises 3-track. The accompanying video was directed by Adam Sinclair.
    To date, she has released three EPs “Y1”, “Y2” and “Y3” since March 2022 every two months.
    Yuna said of the EPs, “These EP's are bits and pieces of my heart and soul that I am able to share with you after a traumatising pandemic for me. Losing people I love to Covid, getting my life together and recovering from heartbreaking experiences – it's a lot for me.”
    The new album is set to be released on November 11, 2022. It is her first album in three years.
    “Making this album takes me back to that time when I was an independent artist making music in my bedroom in Malaysia,” Yuna said of the album. “I want to focus on making things that make me happy, instead of the things that make me stressed out. I want to find that balance. With this new album, I feel reborn as an artist.”

    Yuna explained track-by-track for the EP.

    “Make Believe”
    “I used religion as a metaphor for a person's devotion to another person in a relationship,” shares Yuna, “where you really believe nothing can go wrong as long as you're committed to the idea that you are made to love this person because it's in your anatomy, your science, your program.”

    “Fool 4 U”
    “It is a dilemma of wanting to be poetic about a personal struggle for the whole world to see/hear, but also at the same time still dealing with the heartbreak in real-time and having all these thoughts and insecurities while trying to be a functional artist.”

    “Relax Your Mind”
    “It's a song about wanting this person to know that you care about them and even though things are not the way they used to be, we can still hang out and go to the beach and relax, taking a break from the world.”

    Photo by Aja hitomi

  • Photo by Aja hitomi
  • source : Apple Music
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