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  • Nina Nesbitt Releases New Song “Colours Of You”

  • Scottish singer-songwriter Nina Nesbitt released the fifth single called “Colours Of You” from her upcoming third studio album “Älskar” along with a music video on August 23, 2022.

    The track was written by Daniel Dodd Wilson, Nick Long and Nina Nesbitt. Produced by Dan Wilson.
    She recorded the song at EastWest Studios in Los Angeles with Nick Long and Dan Wilson during her tour.
    Nina Nesbitt said of the song, “If a person was a painting then this song would be the colour palette that creates the picture. Falling in love is such a sensory experience, whether it be the scent someone wears, a favourite song you both listen to, the places you visit, the way they feel etc. Everyone has unique things about them but you only get to see them when you dive deep.”
    In the clip, she retraces the London sights that were the backdrop to the romance that she sings about - from Hyde Park and the Royal Albert Hall to Notting Hill and the bright lights of Soho.
    The new album is set to be released on September 2, 2022.
  • Nina Nesbitt shared on social media, “so a bit of a story time! firstly, i'm so excited to let you all know, 'colours of you' comes out next wednesday omg. I know a lot of you loved my song last december on the last album… this is the next part of the story. we've had 7 decembers since 🥲. I wrote majority of the lyrics while I was staying at my friend's house in nashville. she went out for the night so I sat at her piano writing. I didn't like the chords and melody so I saved them in my notebook and a few weeks later I had a writing session in LA. I've wanted to work with Dan Wilson for years, he's written some of my favourite songs ever written so I was hoping we'd get something. I asked another one of my favourite writers Nick Long to join us. the minute they started playing on piano and guitar together I knew this was exactly where these lyrics needed to live. it's a stripped back moment on the album! we had a few different versions but with a week to go until I had to hand the album in, I asked Dan if he was up for getting in a studio and recording it live with me. so one evening on tour we went to EastWest Studios and did a couple takes. it's one of my most treasured moments on the album and while recording the take we picked, I closed my eyes to watch the movie unfold in my head. I hope you love this as much as last december 🥲 I always wanted to release it at christmas but I have an album to put out lol x”
  • source : Apple Music
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