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  • Arliston Releases New Song “Mothering”

  • London-based alt-pop band Arliston, consisting of Jack Ratcliffe (vocals/guitar/keyboards), George Hasbury (guitar/keyboards), and Jordi Bosch (drums), released a new song “Mothering” from their upcoming EP “Even In The Shade”.
    The track was written and produced by Arliston.
    The song sees gentle instrumentation ebbing and flowing as silky vocals balance moments of vulnerability and introspection with quieter, more reserved assertions.
    George Hasbury said of the song, “I”m so happy with how this one came together. We always try to keep a lid on the productions, it's too easy nowadays to use all the toys on every song, but with Mothering I think we've managed to get a real sense of groove and momentum into such a small arrangement.”
    Jack Ratcliffe continued, “This one grabbed us the moment we started writing it and hasn't really let go since. There's something about how it all fits together that is deeply satisfying. It was the first song we wrote after 'The Ground Might Disappear' and once we had the sound and feel of the first take down we knew we had to build an EP around it.”
    The new EP is expected to be released in November 2022.
  • source : Apple Music
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