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  • Bella Poarch Releases Debut EP “Dolls”: Streaming

  • Filipino-American singer-songwriter and TikTok superstar Bella Poarch released her highly-anticipated debut EP “Dolls” along with a new music video for “Living Hell” on August 12, 2022 via Warner Records..

    The EP comprises 6-track, featuring guest appearances from Grimes and Sub Urban. Produced by Sub Urban, Elie Rizk, and Evan Blair.
    Bella Poarch said of the EP, “I'm really excited to release my first EP after starting this journey during lockdown. Dolls is my personal story of challenges and growth over time that I hope my fans can relate to.”
    She continued, “Over the past year, I've been working on this project which is a reflection of the everyday fight we all live. Each song reflects something different. Power, the need to fight, battling with inner demons, tapping into that main character energy, the sensitive side, and the urge to scream at the top of your lungs.”
    The music video for “Living Hell” was directed by Andrew Donoho.
  • Bella Poarch explained of some tracks for the EP.

    “Build a B*tch”
    “this song isnt just any song. it means the world to me. my whole life no one has ever believed in me. i just had to believe in myself. but now i have you guys. and i'm so grateful. more than you'll ever know. and thats why i wanted to share it with you. thanks for believing in me.”

    “Living Hell”
    “Living Hell is a story about my childhood. It's a story about how I struggled growing up inside a real-life living hell in a tiny room in the Philippines. My whole life, I've been trying to escape my childhood trauma, my living hell, and no matter how much therapy I do, no matter how much medicine I take, and no matter how far I try to run away…it always comes back to haunt me. The music video is inspired by my childhood room. My room was yellow and had a lock on the outside. Yellow because it was a color I was forced to like growing up. It was my parents way of letting me know that they have the power in the house. And a lock on the outside because my parents wanted to make sure that I didn't escape when I was in there. It was really hard for me to relive this while shooting the music video. I really want to talk to you more about it when I'm ready. Sorry for the essay the reason I'm writing this because I want all of you who are reading this and all of you who have supported me along this journey to understand that I love you more than you know. You guys are my escape. You guys are why I wake up everyday. You guys are the reason that I'm able to break free from this mess and in my darkest times, understand that things are going to be okay. I truly can't thank you enough and I want you to know that I'm here for you the same way that you're here for me. To anyone who is also going through their own living hell, you will escape and I'll be right there by your side. This one's for you💛”

    As a victim of sexual assault, this song and video mean a lot to me. This is something I haven't been ready to share with you just yet. It's very hard for me to talk about. But I'm ready now. I decided to express myself by creating a song and video with Sub Urban based on how I wished my experience went. It's a fantasy I wish was true. I'm looking forward to sharing this with you all.”

    “'Dolls' is all about self-empowerment and confidence. It's a follow-up to my song 'Build a B*tch' but it stands out on its own as well by being gentle but fierce, beautiful but deadly. The importance of helping one another while also not letting anyone make you feel weak or worthless. She (Grimes)'s one of the coolest friends I've ever had. She's down to do so many cool and artistic things.”

  • Photo by Marcelo Cantu
  • source : Apple Music
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