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  • Biig Piig Premieres New Song “FUN” on BBC Radio 1

  • Earlier this month, Irish singer-songwriter Jessica Smyth, aka Biig Piig joined in London-based rapper Lava La Rue's “Hi-Fidelity”.

    Followed by, she premiered a new song “FUN” on BBC Radio 1's Future Artists with Jack Saunders on June 15, 2022.
    The song is her first music since the 2021 EP “The Sky Is Bleeding”.
    This time, She worked with producer Zach Nahome on the track.
    She shared on social media, “It's been so long since I've released music and it feels so good to have this track out, produced by Zach Nahome for the fast lane in ur car to the afters bby bang it outttt love uuuuu”
    She said of the song as “about bickering with a partner, and being sick of it. ‘FUN’ is also about how you can bring out a childish part of each other when no one else really gets that part of you, the good and the bad. No one gets under your skin or pushes your buttons like the ones you love the most.”
  • Jessica Smyth told Jack Saunders about the working with Zach Nahome, “So me and Zach Nahome who's like a longtime collaborator of mine. I love work with him so much. We did like switch together and a bunch of other tracks. But those two that you mentioned earlier, especially as this. He just kind of wanna get in a room with them. We just kind of go mad and see what happens and was initially a song that was completely different sample that were like it needs energy for in the drums. And then suddenly it was like, this feels unreal. And it was like okay, and then obviously I had to put lyrics on it as well. And that ended up being a little bit more of a toxic vibe.”
    She continued, “I felt like it was in a relationship where I was basically, I don't know if things got really toxic, real quick. And then it was kind of that thing where we were just at each other's necks sometimes and it wasn't healthy on both sides. So I think it's that kind of part where you get into it and you almost get so used to that that like ends up being the way that you like interact with each other.”
  • source : BBC Radio 1
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