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  • Tribe Friday Releases Debut Album “bubblegum emo”: Streaming

  • Swedish alt-rock band Tribe Friday, consisting of Noah Deutschmann (lead vocals/guitar), Isak Gunnarsson (guitar) and Robin Hanberger Pérez (bass), released their long-awaited debut album “bubblegum emo” on June 3, 2022 via Artist For Artist.
    The album comprises 10-track, produced by Noah Deutschmann. All songs were written by Noah Deutschmann, Isak Gunnarsson and Robin Hanberger Pérez.
    The album is a piece of work to navigate self-detriment, crumbling relationships, and adolescent regret, and embraces the emotional duality of life with total abandon from its bright pop hooks to the darkest melancholy lyrical corners.
    Noah Deutschmann said of the album, “this is our debut record, but it feels weird to call it that. It's not like it's the first time we're putting out music. But it definitely is the first time we've written something with the intent of making a larger piece of art.”
  • Noah Deutschmann explained of some tracks for the album.

    “forward is the way out”.
    “In terms of production, this might be one of the simplest tracks we've made. A drum machine, a couple of guitars and a bass, some vocals and a nasty cowbell in the second verse. That's about it, honestly. To me, the simplicity of it is the track's greatest strength. It was also one of the first tracks from our upcoming debut record bubblegum emo to be written, so in a way, I think it set the tone for the rest of the album. Because of that, it also feels really good to have it be the first album single. Full circle, you know?“

    “shut me up”
    “Lyrically, 'shut me up' might be unusually happy for a Tribe song? It's kind of a first date story - about finding yourself with someone on a higher wavelength, someone way cooler than you. And then trying to keep up with their pace, I suppose.”

    “sugar" is about having been attached or addicted to something for so long that getting rid of that attachment leaves you feeling empty and weird inside. Which is just a fancy way of saying I wrote a song while quitting nicotine for the first time… Unfortunately I couldn't stay off the nicotine for more than 6 months. Next time!”

  • “for real?”
    “I do things right for all wrong reasons, stay sad so she'll wanna see me, treat me like someone you care for, it doesn't even have to be for real. For a very long time, I didn't like myself very much. So I'd turn towards external validation and trying to feel cool to make up for it. And then in turn I'd resent myself for making shitty decisions. I don't know. It's all just one big self-pity party. Which pains me to say out loud - because I realize I have a very, very good life. I'm an extremely lucky person. So I feel bad feeling bad about it sometimes. Self-pity can be such an ugly emotion. I guess that's why I like writing about it.“

    “We've been playing it live on tour for a while now just to try it out in front of an audience, and the reception has been absolutely crazy. Lyrically, 'conversation' is angry, desperate, frustrated, scared - all the ugly emotions at once. I wanted to write about those moments in a relationship where you can't see eye to eye on anything so you resort to name-calling and borderline psychological violence. I've had a relationship that ended up like that and it's fucking ugly. It's a sad thing to see yourself and someone you love turn into horrible people in real-time. The contrast here, of course, is that 'conversation' is also like... a dance track? But I guess that's our thing now...Dancing to tragedies.”

    “'dead' is honestly just about how I feel a lot of the time - unable to get out of bed, very much aware of, and stressed out about, my shortcomings. I couldn't get started on the lyrics because of self-doubt and apathy, so the lyrics ended up being about that self-doubt and apathy. I suppose you could call it a depression anthem? I don't know - I think I just needed to get some of those thoughts out in a happy-ish context so I could move on from them for the time being. It's a bit campy and all that, but it felt like the right note to end the record on.”

    Photo by Miranda Fredriksson
  • source : Apple Music
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